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Two things. First, there is a sex tape. Just search YouTube. She’s caught having sex with a contestant on a reality TV show will she was engaged to another man. You can’t see anything other than two people having sex under covers. Second, Trump never told anyone to “look” for a sex tape. He suggested “checking it out”. It is a minor difference, but it is the sort of “truth” that the Clinton’s have taught the American people to accept.

For example, last night after Trump suggested she deleted 30,000+ emails she denied actually deleting the emails. In her mind she was telling the truth because she didn’t “personally” delete the emails — someone else did. When Bill Clinton denied having sex with Monica Lewinsky he claimed he was being truthful because he defined the word “is” differently than the special prosecutor did.

At the end of the day, Hillary Clinton used yet another young woman to advance her career. Alicia didn’t come out ahead — she lost out and Hillary won.