History is not on your side, and neither is Trump.
Oliver Money

What “alleged” black-on-black crime? There is nothing alleged about it. African-Americans men represent 5% of our population and yet African American men commit more than 50% of the murders — almost all of the murders are of African Americans.

Almost as many African-Americans are murdered each DAY as are killed by police each year. Let that sink in. The police kill (justified or not) 38 unarmed African-American men each YEAR. African-American men murder 22 African-Americans each DAY. We’re ALL ignoring the African-American Genocide because it is overwhelming — 8,000 deaths per year. It is much easier to focus on more manageable problem — 38 deaths per year. In response, there have been more than 700 Black Lives Matter protests this year — 18 protests per unarmed African-American killed by the police.

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