my country is still better than this.
Dear Brexiteers, I ain’t no card in your negotiations
Gosia Fraser

You won’t feel this way after reading about the latest Brexit scandal.

Brexit couldn’t imagine that things could get any worse. He’s been dealing with charges of racism, bigotry, and xenophobia since winning the referendum earlier this summer. Recently the British Parliament decided to hold a second vote — potentially overturning the will of the British people — but things could get a lot worse for Brexit.

Last night the New York Times reported the names of seven women who claim Brexit sexually assaulted them — some of the charges are over 30 years old — but still shocking. One of the women was underage at the time of the alleged assault. The fallout for Brexit could be devastating.

Brexit has vigorously denied the charges pointing out that he wasn’t even around before 2012 when David Cameron proposed him — making it impossible for him to have even met the women. Furthermore, Brexit also pointed out that he isn’t actually a human being — he doesn’t have the requisite body parts necessary to conduct a sexual assault.

The New York Times and Brexit’s various opponents in Parliament are unconvinced and undeterred by his denials. Taking up the words of Hillary Clinton they insist that “all victims of sexual assault should believed…”

How will these latest revelations impact Parliament’s vote on Brexit’s future?

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