I believe a tiny UI change for Rightmove could add millions of video views to their properties, increase time spent on their website and potentially create a new income stream.

Rightmove missing out on millions of video views. 87% of Zoopla & prime location visitors click play compared to only 12.5% on Rightmove.

And I’ve got the data to show why, but first abit of background on me…

I spent the first 10 years of my career in the games industry creating trailers for titles such as F1, DiRT and GRID, working at Codemasters was a childhood dream for me and I was in heaven with my own edit suite and racing games to play all day!

As it got to the back end of 2014 I felt the urge for a change so I left my dream job and started my own video production company Infinite Pixel. We started by creating drone promotional trailers for selling high end houses as well as creating promotional videos for the BBC, ITV, FORD AO.COM etc.

The drone videos were going down very well in the property industry and I was asked to speak at a number of estate agent conferences on how I thought video was going to explode the marketing for the property industry over the next 3 years.

Our video packages for estate agents went from strength to strength and we were soon making 15 videos per month in 2015. As I write this today on 2nd December 2017 we are still creating these unique marketing videos (about 30 per month) and have currently done over 500. as well as hundreds of 360 videos for estate agents. Link to house videos.

I have always been very interested in the way video is presented to the end user, especially in the case of the uk estate agents. I enjoy digging into the data and seeing the trends and patterns that the video views leave behind.

It’s important to note that the data I have is only for the 500+ videos that we have created for Fine and Country. And these videos are only for 10 fine and country shops based around the Midland area. These videos have been loaded over 2.5 million times on various portals over the last 2 years so I’d imagine the total amount of video loads for the entire UK would be a very big figure!

Our process for each video

Once we have finished the edit and the video is signed off we send over the final video URL to the estate agents. In the case of Fine & Country they receive a vimeo link which they paste into their internal software. This video is then picked up by the company’s website along with the other property portals like Rightmove, Zoopla and prime location.

The below image shows the Fine & Country mobile website and a property that has a video link attached.

On the Fine & Country site, because there is a video for this property, they display a small video icon on the search results page as seen below.

The image below shows the play button over the centre of each photo once you have clicked through from the search results. This lets the potential buyer know there is clearly a video with this house and increases the % of them clicking the video.

Property with video available via Fine and Country Website showing play button on each image.

Once the play button is clicked in the image above the video plays on top of the webpage instantly. Like in the image below. Importantly keeping the user on the Fine and country website.

This is the link to the property on the Fine and Country website. So you can see the video we are talking about. http://www.fineandcountry.com/uk/property-for-sale/sherington-bedford-road-sherington/mk16-9nq/50080108

How the property looks on Rightmove

When we look at the same property on Rightmove the story is a little different. Here’s what the search results page looks like in a web browser.

Rightmove search results page showing small video icon top left of main image.

As we see from this search results image above, there is a small video icon in the top left of the main photo. Clicking this button or any areas on the image or title will take you through to the property’s main Rightmove page like below.

You can see there is no quick and clear way to access the video, if you didnt see it had a video icon on the search results page you might not know there is a video on this property unless you scrolled down the page then found the tabs. One of the tabs says ‘Video tour’

You then have to click on that tab, which brings up the pre loaded vimeo video, allowing you to then press the play button to view the video within Rightmove browser window.

The video ready to play within Rightmove.

This is the link to the property in question on Rightmove http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-48944853.html

How the property looks on Zoopla and prime location

As we see in these 2 images Zoopla and prime location do a similar thing to Fine and Country but instead of having a play button in the centre they have an icon that remains in the top left telling the user that this property has a video to view.

Now let’s see what The video statistics tell us

Below we see the percentage of people that actually click play once they have landed on a property details page that contains a video.

As we can see below the traffic that lands on these videos is huge from Rightmove at over 2million video loads but only 30,000 of these people actually find the play button (14%) resulting in a huge loss of potential video traffic compared to the 80+% seen on all other portals.

The benefits of adding the play button to Rightmove

The house hunting public have proven they are there online looking for houses in their millions and with this small change they could all get the chance to see more in depth videos of their dream homes.

Rightmove could charge the agents to add the play button to each image of a property that has a video available, creating extra income stream.

The agents would get millions more video views on their houses, utilising the immense traffic that Rightmove has on a monthly basis. Leading to a huge increase in exposure for their brands and property listings.


From this data I conclude that people who land on Rightmove, to a property that has a video get lost and don’t see the video tour tab, so don’t click on it as much.

Sites who have the play icon or ‘play video’ text/button front and centre get on average 82% more people clicking the video.

Concerns for Rightmove and some future thoughts

I can see that Rightmove have a powerful position here as they have the majority of the traffic and wouldn't want to drive traffic away from their website. Which is why the videos could play within the Rightmove site like it does on the other portals, maintaining the time spent on the website.

Charging per play button seems like a good quick win for me, like they do currently with premium listings etc. This could open up a nice new income stream for Rightmove.

Alternatively Rightmove could allow its agents to upload the videos direct to its website and not show vimeo or youtube links at all. This would then mean that Rightmove could sell video advertising slots to external parties. Like the 5 second adverts seen at the start of youtube videos.

And that is it, now I have detailed out once and for all a little play button problem that has been bugging me for 3 years. If Rightmove never change anything that will be absolutely fine, I just feel better for writing it all down and explaining it once and for all.

Alex Harvey Dec, 2017

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