Medical Animation in India: Gaining popularity

Medical Professionals all over the world have found a magic wand in the form of Medical Animation. In fact, more and more global pharmaceutical companies, clinical research sponsors and healthcare systems are outsourcing their communication needs to Medical Animation Studios in India.

The trend for Medical Animation, more specifically, 3D Medical Animation is gaining strength in direct proportion to the increasing number of smart phone users all across the world. Because of such gadgets and technologies, the audience are now finding crispier and creative audio-visual content more interesting than Textual matter or documents. Some other reasons that make Medical Animation a great tool for Pharma industry are –

• Attention catching presentation –People are not generally interested in knowing about Medical information owing to its complex nature.Moreover, they become all the more apprehensive the moment they see long textual documents or 2D diagrams explaining human anatomy. Now imagine, if you replace this verbal communication with audio-visual interactive mode where they will not just watch the human body mechanism with real-like 3D motions but also will gain a lot of worthy information in doing so! Yes, this is precisely the reason audience take keen interest in animated eLearning Modules, MOA Animations and 3D animation about disease awareness. Audience interest and response is making pharmaceutical companies favourably inclined towards 3D Medical Animation!

• Detailing and precision — No other medium does justice to medical information the way medical animation does. An hour of medical lecture or the information contained in 6–0 pages can be delivered with just a minute or two of audio-visual 3D Medical Animation! This in turns saves time as well as resources. No wonder, Medical Animation is gaining popularity in Clinical Trial Site communication strategies as well.

• Economical — Medical Animation, unlike real shoot, does not require huge expenditure, on Models or location and recording expenditure. In fact, most of the global pharmaceutical and clinical companies are opting to outsource Medical Animation to Indian creative and animation companies. Medical Animation in India is a thriving career and talented people are working in this field who do not charge a fortune for doing the same. Now, this brings a significant addition to client’s ROI.

If you are also looking for an animation team for your medical or clinical subject, the better option would be to choose a team with knowledge about medical topics and clinical research. Having a team like ADI Studio that along with dedicated and expert animators has professional medical writers and medical researchers on board,will make your medical animation informative and appealing. You can take a look at the work done by ADI Studio at

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