Mobile First MK

Public speaking is one of the most scary things for engineers, or, in a matter of fact, any other profession that doesn't require much talking during the working day. We like to do more than we like to talk about what we do. But sharing knowledge has always been one of the most important things in any profession, and in order to learn, there must be someone who’s willing to talk (or write) :)

I've been speaking on several occasions in the past few years, mostly within my company and in front of students during classes or extracurricular events (check out Digit and EESTEC Academy). The topics have been diverse — from HTML coding habits, CSS hacks, Responsive Web Design — to getting familiar with User Experience, real-life case studies, etc.

On April 4th, I’ll be talking at the first mobile app conference organized in Macedonia —Mobile First MK. I’m happy to be able to share some tips on designing consistently for all mobile platforms, so we agreed to name the talk — “Apples, Metros and Materials In The Mobile World”. Even more, I’m looking forward to meet and hear what the other speakers have to share!

If you’re developing mobile apps or you’re interested in the topic, get a ticket and see you there! :)

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