Best Truffle in the Third Ward?

TODAY’s mission in class was to leave the classroom and scour the lower levels of the Milwaukee Public Market for a Mixed-Multimedia story. I set out, with my vast knowledge of sweets, to find the best damn truffle this place had to offer.

Kehr’s Candies Box, full of chocolate fruity goodness

I went to Kehr’s Candies, a large bulk sale candy shop smack-dab right in the middle of the Public Market. Its cases were well lit, a large neon sign that read “CANDY APPLES” almost made me change my project theme. Yet, I knew I had to stick to my guns and conclusively end the debate of best truffle. I spoke to the man behind the counter, and with his help, I easily found the truffles. I ordered three of each kind, (my girlfriend wanted to try them as well) giving me a whole 15 truffles of data. The total cost came out to $15.26, pretty respectable for the amount of quality chocolate. I should also note I got all truffles in their Dark Chocolate variety because I am an adult. For those more child in spirit, they also offer a milk chocolate variety of all truffles.

I talked to Mike, who was behind the counter, and asked him what his favorite truffle was. He said he liked the “raspberry in dark chocolate but the fruit flavors are not for everyone”. I laughed and agreed with him before ordering 12 truffles that were fruit flavored. I couldn’t disagree more with his warning, but to each their own I guess.

One more point to clarify for my avid readers, I ate a burger at FOLTZ FAMILY MARKET/ COMMISSION ROW PRODUCE before conducting my tests. I figured if I was hungry while testing my results would skew towards the first truffle I tried, so I made sure to eat before. I highly suggest Foltz, the BBQ burger was outstanding. Now onto the testing.

Front to back, Carribean, Pomegranate, Raspberry, Mango, Mocha

First Trial: Mocha

Mocha Truffle

The Mocha Truffle was a step away from the norm for me, most truffles I have had feature a fruit flavor ganache. I liked the direction they took here, the flavor hinted at coffee which was a natural complement to the bitter dark chocolate. The chocolate shell was firm but held its shape when bitten. They mark these truffles with a chocolate M, which compliments the simple flavors that make this truffle pop.

Trial 2: Raspberry Truffle

Raspberry Truffle

This next truffle has a lavender colored marking, detonating that it is the Raspberry Truffle. The flavor in this truffle was very strong, a good thing for me, someone who likes the tart fruit flavors. The ganache was less viscus then I would have liked, oozing out of the shell and causing the chocolate to crack and cave in. Raspberry and Dark Chocolate is a tried and true combo, and Kehr’s did a great job keeping it simple.

Trial 3: Carribean Truffle

Caribian Truffle

When ordering all the truffles, I did not read the signs, I thought my experience would serve me well in finding out which truffle was which. This one though, made me question if I knew anything about truffles. I wasn’t sure if I was tasting coconut-rum, or just rum and my mind referring to some association I had previously made. I got up, checked, and found out that this was, in fact, a Carribean themed truffle, and I was delighted. The ganache held up fantastically, supporting the chocolate shell amazingly well. The cross-section shows how packed this truffle was, across the board these guys were the largest. White stripes are how you pick this one out.

Trial 4: Mango

Mango Truffle

Having this truffle after the Caribian might have been cheating because they paired so well. Closing my eyes while eating the last candy sent me to the islands, closing my eyes on this one took me up a tree. The sharpness of the fruit caught me off guard, making the raspberry chocolate I tried earlier taste fake and manufactured. The soft sweetness of the mango did not tread on the dark chocolate at all, supplementing the texture. The shell was hard like the bitter chocolate, and the ganache was smooth and soft like the mango. The orange lines help you tell which one is mango. It took all of my willpower to leave one for my girlfriend.

Trial 5: Pomegranate

Pomegranate Truffle

The pomegranate flavor was subtle. *Leans in* too subtle. Enough with the antics, yes this one was lacking where others were thriving. Yes, pomegranate is a flavor I have difficulty remembering although I remember tartness, which this candy was lacking. The Chocolate P on top does a good job of differentiating this one from the pack, and I am glad they didn’t overdo the ganache with too much flavoring, but come on guys we need to taste the flavor a little more then we did with this one. I thought the whole truffle experience here was ok, but also might have been influenced by being sick of eating truffles.

SO which one did the best hm? Well settle down folks I’m getting to that. I think that it has to be a combo, after-all, isn’t that what truffles are all about? Having different flavors? “Life is a box of chocolates” and all that? Don’t worry everybody didn’t win.

The winning truffles!

Caribbean and Mango did. The combo was outstanding, each one picking up where the other left off, mango able to fill in simplicity to the Caribbean's complexity. I encourage every one to come down to Kehr’s and try these out for your self. I took a 360 photo and uploaded it to google maps, so if you look for my google account,, you should find my 360 Pano. I’ll post the flat version below as well.

End of a hard day’s work
The 360 Photo, Kehr’s is at the beginning and end of this strip, look for the neon.