A Sheep, a Duck, a Lamb, and a Goat get in race …

This actually happened; my son reminded me of it on the way to his school this morning.

This occurred at the Evergreen State Fair (of course). A small circular race track had been erected. There were 5 races planned. The animals lined up next to each other and the gate was pulled up. They ran in different directions. Some ran/galloped/waddled around the loop towards the finish line. In each and every race, the Duck just went under the fences that defined the race track, effectively cutting in front of all the other racers; the Duck won every race.

Is a Duck smarter than a Sheep, a Lamb, or a Goat? Or are they simply better at ducking under a fence?

Wait a second… is that how Ducks got their name — because they are always ducking under things; usually water. Why am I just now realizing this?