Because It’s About Time

Let’s talk about incontinence. Chances are you know someone who deals with it, someone who can’t make it to the bathroom in time or can’t make it through the day without a leak. The topic may make many of us giggle, and in truth, giggling can be one of the ways people first experience incontinence. It’s something no one wants to talk about but it’s time we do.

Incontinence affects 25 million people in the US and almost half a billion people worldwide. Women are the most affected. In fact, half of women over 50 experience some form of incontinence. The reality is it could be anyone — your best friend who just had a baby, the man who sits next to you at work, your mom or dad. It might be you.

It may have started with a little dribble after a hearty laugh at your 50th birthday party, a fluke, not even noticeable under the new black dress you bought for the occasion. But a few weeks later it happened again after a sneeze in the grocery store and then again in bed overnight. It started to happen often enough that discreetly carrying around an extra pair of underwear or a menstrual pad wasn’t going to cut it as a solution anymore. It could no longer be ignored.

But where to turn? You walk into a big box pharmacy, nervously turning down the aisle to compare product options. The aisle is deserted, the shelves half empty and there is no one there to answer questions. You looked online but find over 8,000 possible items that may or may not work. These websites aren’t any more helpful than a trip to the pharmacy was proving to be. You stand there, surrounded by big, pink boxes. They practically scream “adult diapers!” Why would anyone package protective underwear this way?

The answer is clear — the industry has ignored you, your loved ones, and the millions of other people with incontinence for too long. There hasn’t been any meaningful product innovation in years. Today’s protective underwear for adults are designed like larger baby diapers — bulky, plastic, loud, embarrassing. No one wants to wear them and no one should have to. And now you don’t.

It’s time to re-imagine how we make, buy and talk about protective underwear and pads. At Because, this is all we think about all day, every day.

The need is there. Baby Boomers spend more than twice as much as millennials online but are targeted by just 5–10 percent of the marketing. It’s not just a disconnect of marketing dollars, it’s a lack of attention being paid to older folks. And in this case, when they can’t find the right products, it can lead to a real decrease in quality of life for a lot of people.

But this is bigger than just Baby Boomers. As we talked about the people buying protective underwear, we realized something — we wanted a better way of buying protective underwear too. We are the sons and daughters, the devoted caretakers, the people who will hunt through six different stores trying to find a month’s supply of underwear (we tried — after six stores we still came up short).

A grandmother missed her grandson’s wedding, the fear of having an accident outweighing her deep desire to be there for her grandson. An adventurous mom didn’t know where to turn when she needed extra protection for a planned cruise, entire days spent out exploring new parts of the world, but where bathrooms might be scarce. One active, vibrant grandmother lived days full of life but went to bed nervous every night — she hadn’t woken up dry in 18 years. And these are just three stories from our founding team. (Don’t worry, we sent grandma Because and now she wakes up dry every morning.)

When you need it, better protective underwear can be life changing. So we started Because to create a better way to help you and people you love live full lives.

More than a year of research, tens of thousands of customers later, hundreds of product iterations and millions of dollars invested, we built a company — and a cause — to bring dignity and confidence to the millions of people living with incontinence. Because became a mission to give you the confidence to live your life. Forbes Magazine accurately captures this.

Keep leaks in so you can get out

Over and over again we heard from members that the fear of leaks keeps you inside, from living your lives. We built our underwear from the ground up, working with top manufacturers and engineering and design experts from Stanford University to design a more absorbent pull-up that fits better. Because is 35% more absorbent than other products on the market, absorbing a full cup of liquid in seconds. And Because is made with a full elastic body, in many sizes, so every individual can find the right fit- giving you the confidence to get through the day without the fear of leaks.

Buy adult protection like an adult

Our founding team comes from leading technology companies like eBay, Uber and WeWork so we knew immediately we could use technology to help you find and buy the right protective underwear and pads. We hired the best people from their fields to get it right. Because is an online subscription model so you will always have the products you need. We built an introductory survey to quickly understand your unique needs and then create bespoke orders so you get only the best products delivered right to your door. And we designed the packaging to be discreet and modern so you don’t have to be embarrassed to keep them at home or in your bag on the go.

Because is your friend, the expert, just a phone call away

A friend is always there to listen and offer advice. We have a world-class customer service team to answer questions. They are the product experts helping you find the right combination of products, whether it’s your first time buying or you are just tired of the old products on the market. We have answered hundreds of thousands of calls so you can trust we know what we’re talking about.

Incontinence might be inconvenient, it might be the issue no one wants to talk about, but it doesn’t have to hold you back. By creating a better product and making it easier to find and buy, Because is helping you spend less time worrying about leaks and more time living life.

The industry has ignored you for too long so we challenge ourselves every day to focus on treating you better, with the respect and attention you’ve earned, the way we treat our own families. Our entire company is devoted to better caring for you. We talk to customers every single day and we are humbled to hear your stories. You motivate us to work with the community to create products that better fit your lives. We are honored to be on this journey, working with you to build a future that is active, independent, and dry.

We are just getting started. Join us on this journey at

p.s. What is the greatest frustration that you or your loved ones experience when buying online? We’d love to talk so please do drop a note:

Co-Founder of Because. A community centric, personal care brand for older adults. Former eBay, Accenture, Retailmenot. Stanford MBA. Human.