UX Design in Emerging Technologies

Alexia Buclet
Nov 6, 2017 · 8 min read

Being a UX Designer in the emerging technologies industry isn’t a comfortable position, yet exciting

Robotics and XR examples

HoloLens (MR) on the left, and Windows Mixed Reality headsets and their hand controllers (VR)

Working on robotics and XR products is quite the same on some levels

Cursor states: idle (dot), hover (circle), tap (animation), drag (disappearance) and contextual depending on the hovered handler (move, rotate, scale).
NAO robots

Designing for devices like the HoloLens is both constraining and infinite

Menu while going backward.
Minimize and Maximize menu vocal commands.

Jump into the challenging UX Design of emerging technologies!

Light painting with NAO and Pepper robots. (©fdouze)

Alexia Buclet

Written by

UX Designer & Cognitive Psychologist since 2010, I worked at Ubisoft, Adobe and Aldebaran robotics. I’m currently Design Operations Director on Minsar (XR).

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