What nobody told you about your best life

Look, the truth is…

We spent too much time looking outwards to find our best. The tools to be the best we can be are already present within us as every challenges we overcome has been building us up to reach higher and yet, we still try to look outwardly to find our best. Looking at guidelines and everything else that only help us after we have established the foundation.

As a therapist, I spend a lot of time looking at at the link between people’s lifestyle and their satisfaction with their own lives. The common pattern that emerged is that, there are so many individuals who continue to struggle with myths and misconceptions about what their best looks like. Often looking only on the external environment or rely solely on willpower when what they seek is right before their eyes.

The honest truth is that the foundation to be your is a lot simpler than we think and it’s hiding in plain sight. From my experience as a therapists there are 3 foundational truth to living your best life.

1. Your habits decides your future

The future is built brick by brick and each brick is called habit. They are the foundation that can make or break us and letting our habits go unchecked can harshly backfire on us.

How do we analyze the habits? By asking ourselves the following questions

  • What is my habit when I feel good?
  • What is my habit when I feel like crap?
  • What is my habit at work?
  • What is my habit outside of work?

As you answer these questions take notice of any pattern emerging in your answers. What do they reveal about your habits?

If they are dragging you further away from the goal, it’s time to focus on breaking the habits by replacing them with ones that build you up. For example, if your habit when you feel down is to binge watch Netflix, try replacing them with writing down what you feel to work through them

2. Prioritize over balance

Life always tips over.

One season you have the most free time and the next you eat, live, and breathe work.

Focusing only on keeping the balance restricts you from reaching your best because you always try to keep the perfect balance in your life. When you have a lot of free time, it might seem possible but what about when life tips over overnight? prioritize on things that will build you up.

For example, when work demands more and more out of you, and takes up 90% of your time, make it a priority to set aside time for yourself to rest, be with family, or a hobby. Curate 30 -60 minutes of your time to decompress each day by spending it on activities that make us happy.

On the other hand, if you have a lot of time in your hand, make it a priority to expand or take on a skill that will prepare you for every opportunities that come your way.

3. Rest and they will be overcome

Athletes go into training everyday after getting the proper rest. Feeding their body with the proper nutrients, getting enough sleep, and letting their mind and body breathe.

In the same manner, how do we expect reaching our best if we do not take care ourselves mentally and physically? Working without rest is meaningless. It will exhaust your ability to think clearly, compromise your decision making ability, and jeopardize everything that you have worked for. Rest not only your body by feeding it with the proper nutrients but also rest your mind by allowing it to be unplugged.

Athletes who are rested then go back into training the next day ready to push themselves beyond the limit because they are fueled up. Are you rested enough to meet the challenges of today? or are you running on empty?

Remember this,

As you work towards your best and live your best life, let these questions guide you: what is your definition of living your best life? What are you willing or unwilling to compromise? and what are you ready to put into action? They will help you to know when to change your habits, prioritize when the balance tips over, and get proper rest.

Finally, remember that you are not in this journey alone, ask your family and community for help when times are tough, and to keep you in check. Now, as the secrets are out, time to create and live your best life.