Is a milliondollar blindspot hiding in your relationships?

Live from a messy garage in Silicon Valley. You know what that means! Innovation! Come dive in with me for an embodied assessment for your blindspot + how to shift it by the time we’re done.

Does your relationship have the last piece of the puzzle of confidence, clarity and permission to be visible, to succeed, and to bring that something more into your work and business?

First, what you need from your relationship magnificently limits what you can create at work in terms of clarity & confidence, and therefore action and asks and income. You KNOW how one area mirrors and limits another. What’s next depends on what’s now, and how is your now with relationships?

A client had a relationship breakthrough last week so intense, so gentle, so magical, I feel like I have to share this piece of work with you. It’ll feel like play. Come!

Second, I work from the assumption that your money and business issues lies in your relationships. Do you sense how it’s connected and how what can or cannot do in the world, as actions, is a direct expression what you can or cannot be with in yourself?

Where do you still feel like you have to betray one to have success in the other? Where do you still feel trapped in what should be epic, but it’s great or good and you know it could be more flow? I know it. Marriage has been something crazy for me and my relationship to me, work, money, but most of all me, had to become clear and true.

I want you to have the non-traditional, out of the box, your-rules, your-way relationship where you feel loved and loving and present and powerful and worthy. And I promise, the expansion and your way will find you.

Third, there’s a question I ask you in the video that opens the door to your relationship wealth and power to inspire. I’d love to just share it here, but it requires some context because it’s a strange question.

I think you’ll get dig this question so much and I’ll show you how to use it. It got me on stage at a leadership conference, this question did. But also, embodiment: in the video, we do a short yet comprehensive embodied assessment, which means your mind can’t lie to you. You can’t get deny an issue if you feel it. We’ll then do a ‘miracle-manifestation movement’ to go with the question, which is not only great but necessary to balance your genius knowing with what you feel capable of doing. Why do a movement? Because everything you can or cannot be with, or do, comes down to embodiment. We need embodiment-focused tools when we’ve reach the limits of what pushing and hustling can accomplish.

I have something to say that will make a difference for you.

This breaks open my heart to share it with you because you matter, and your freedom matters to me, and you feeling loved and supported in your relationship matters even more, because your gifts being stifled by relationship matters can shift so quickly. Come dive in!

If you see yourself impacting millions, and you’re in a relationship or want to be, or feel trapped, or now that you are at a point where clarity and synergy in relationship will upgrade everything for the next chapter of your life on earth… watch the video!

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Is your milliondollar blindspot hiding in your relationships? Reach me at to learn more and, if you’re ready for a major shift with a gentle way that doesn’t leave you burnt out, let me know you found this on medium. Thanks for being epic!