3 Reasons I’m Excited for CEO Manitoba

This coming school year, I have the privileged opportunity of joining the CEO Manitoba team as VP of Sales & Online Marketing. My job is to get you to all of our events, and spark that entrepreneurial spirit deep within you. Ya you, I know you got it.

What is CEO Manitoba?

“The Collegiate Entrepreneur’s Organization is a Post-Secondary Education based student group, focused on creating, inspiring, and fostering entrepreneurship in Manitoba.”

Our mission is to:

“Introduce students to entrepreneurship as a set of skills and resources which are available to everyone.”

Here are 3 reasons I’m excited for CEO Manitoba and the coming school year:


1. Amazing Events

CEO Manitoba hosts events like:

Startup Crawl: This is the event we’re most proud of, and the event that everyone wants be to at. We load up two buses of students and tour them around the city. Stops include businesses, resource centres, and law firms. The crawl is followed up with a wine and cheese event, where you’ll have the opportunity to network with the up-and-coming leaders of tomorrow. A.K.A getting drunk off wine, and trying not to embarrass yourself.

No Idea No Problem: This event is for all of you who feel entrepreneurship is something you want to explore, but haven’t found that one idea you want to work on. You’ll learn how to take advantage of the business opportunities that surround us, even if they aren’t unique ideas. Sometimes, there’s really no need to re-invent the wheel!

Elevator Pitch: This one is exactly like it sounds. Students have the chance to pitch an idea to a panel of judges, all while riding the elevator in the Richardson building. You’ll only have 34 floors to convince the judges of your business idea. No pressure.

Ramp-Up Weekend Campus Edition: This one is my personal favourite. There’s nothing like spending the weekend testing and validating your business idea. Students will have the opportunity to form groups and compete for cash prizes. It’s an exciting Friday to Sunday marathon, where teams develop business plans, prototypes, apps, and websites. This jam-packed 55 hour weekend lets you put your entrepreneurial abilities to the ultimate test. Got what it takes?

2. Amazing Resources

CEO Manitoba connects ambitious students with the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Manitoba. We have invaluable relationships and partnerships with organizations like:

North Forge: An innovation-based economic development agency, determined to help fuel Manitoba’s innovation and growth. They provide amazing services, such as: startup programs, rapid prototyping, events & training, grant assistance, and investor & market intelligence. Wow!

Stu Clark Centre for Entrepreneurship: The Stu Clark Centre helps students turn big ideas into successful business ventures. Multiple competitions are held throughout the year including the Stu Clark Investment Competition, and the Manitoba New Venture Championships. Competition breeds innovation.

Futurpreneur: In search of financing and/or mentorship? Futurpreneur has you covered. The organization is committed to growing the Canadian economy, one entrepreneur at a time. Along with financing and mentorship, Futurpreneur provides business templates, and access to a growing community of experts and entrepreneurs.

Asper School of Business: The Asper School of Business is home of CEO Manitoba, and hosts many of our events. The school offers “a business education that opens doors, and a student experience that creates leaders.” There’s always something going on at Asper!

3. Amazing People

Startup Crawl 2016

CEO Manitoba is a group of highly ambitious and intelligent students. What better way to jump start your entrepreneurial journey, than to join this community!? Throughout the year, you’ll have the opportunity to connect and collaborate with other students, business leaders, entrepreneurs, advisors, and more!

meeting new people = new ideas & new opportunities

CEO members have gone on to start their own entrepreneurial ventures, met business partners, won business competitions, and found incredible positions at local startups and businesses. What will you do!?

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