My Virtual Exhibition Part 2

Me trying to use a “real” camera


I’ve taken great interest into how much easier it has become to produce pieces of art.

In part 1 of my virtual exhibition, I discussed my fascination with creating funky pieces of artwork by combining photography and image editing tools such as Snapchat and Prisma.

In part 2 I’d to like discuss my new found interest, which is taking as clean of a photo as I can with my iPhone 8.

I was inspired by James Martin and his 72-hour quest for beautiful images.

This has led me on my own quest, where I’m trying to use the iPhone 8 camera to its full potential and capture meaningful moments in my life.

I want to see how great my photography skills can get with “minimal effort.” I say this not because I’m lazy and uninterested in the art of photography, but because I’m genuinely curious how much the technology in the iPhone 8 camera can help a novice photographer like myself overcome my knowledge gap.

All of the photos I’ve taken so far have been quite spontaneous. Whenever I see something that I think would make for a cool photograph, I pull out my camera and snap a photo. I try capturing the purity of the moment by leaving the picture unedited.

I then upload the image onto my Instagram feed right away so that my feed is as organic as possible. If you see something posted it’s almost certain I had just witnessed the moment myself.

I don’t write a caption for my photos because I don’t want to impose my own experience of what that moment means on to the people viewing my feed. Perhaps I’m thinking too highly of my photography skills, but I find the idea of different people having different interpretations of my photos to be quite provocative.

Another important note is that I don’t upload pictures that people take of me.

This is because:

  1. I want my feed to be the experiences I’ve viewed through my eyes 👀
  2. I want my feed to showcase my journey in photography 🤳

Perhaps I’ll start uploading mirror selfies since it’s technically through my eyes. I’ve become quite interested in fashion lately, so being able to showcase my OOTD sounds quite compelling to me.

Keeping all this in mind, I’d like to welcome you to part 2 of my virtual exhibition. 🖼️


This was the first image I posted on my feed that was taken with my iPhone 8. The vivid colours and details that I captured are what made me realize just how good the camera on the iPhone 8 is. Reality Craig made this incredible piece of art for Nuit Blanche Winnipeg.

This photo was taken while my friends and I were walking between art exhibits on Nuit Blanche. We walked by the Bell MTS Place, and I thought the blue lights looked stunning. I feel like the artistic vibe of the night helped me realize just how cool Winnipeg is. Seeing the beauty in everyday objects is a skill I’m trying to hone. The world is truly a beautiful place, sometimes all you need to do is open your eyes!

My friend Obie and I were discussing the new iPhone 8 and I had recently gotten mine. Naturally, I had to show him the portrait mode. Lucky Obie knows a thing or two about photography so by working together we were able to take this great shot. I gave Obie a new Instagram profile for free because he’s my boy, but if you want one I might have to charge. Watch out professional photographers; I’m coming for you. 😜

Trying to study in a library full of people gives me anxiety, so I’m always trying to find private study spots on campus. One of my favourite buildings to study in is the Fine Arts building. The architecture of the building is beautiful, and I enjoy wondering around on my study breaks to look at the various projects students are working on.

I snapped this photo in between raging my face off at Deadmau5 on Halloween. I went to the concert to celebrate a friend’s birthday and the night was incredible. I can’t put into words how great it was, so I’ll just share this video for those who are curious as to what it was like. (Note: the video is from the Detroit show, not the Winnipeg show)

Closing Thoughts

I was always quite intimidated by how traditional cameras worked and I never thought that I’d develop an interest in photography.

Thankfully technology allows less capable people (like myself) 🙈 to accomplish more. Some might think this diminishes the art form, but that’s a discussion I’ll save for another post.

I plan on continuing to experiment with the iPhone 8 camera and all of its features.

If you found any of my pieces interesting, you can follow my artistic journey by following me on Instagram. 👨‍🎨

How does this thing work???

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