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My first Youtube video

Video games have always been a big part of my life. They’re a great way to bond with friends and scratch my competitive itch.

I consume a fair amount of content both on Twitch and Youtube. I love learning from better players and improving my game. I also find various personalities quite entertaining to watch. Some of my favourites include Ali-A, TSM_Myth, and CDNThe3rd.

I had quite a bit of free time in-between graduating and starting work, and the vast majority of that time was spent gaming. Given the free time on my hands, I decided to have a go at recording Fortnite gameplay and making Youtube videos.

There are several themes and ideas related to video games that inspired me to start my channel.


Although I enjoy a game with great characters and a great story, my main attraction is PVP. Some of my favourite PVP games include FIFA, Call of Duty, World of Warcraft, Battlefield, Gears of War, Halo, and my new found love, Fortnite.

The ability to compete with other players online and test my skills is a rewarding experience for me. I love the challenge of picking up a new game and going from noob to full beast mode.

I played competitive soccer for the majority of my athletic career, and although I enjoyed competing with my teammates in meatspace, I honestly experience greater satisfaction from competing in the digital world.

In my opinion, video games provide a superior arena for competition than traditional sports.

Several characteristics make this true:

  • Video games provide an easier way to set and enforce rules than traditional sports do. Although glitches and bugs may occur, you don’t have to worry about poor decisions from referees ruining the game.
  • Video games are cheaper, and the learning curves are much flatter. It’s easier to switch from one video game to another than it is to switch from one sport to another.
  • Video games provide a more natural way to organize into teams and find people to play with at any given time.
  • Video games allow players to climb up the ranks much faster than any traditional sport ever could. You could pick up a game and within a year be ranked among the best. This is almost impossible in traditional sports.

Humans have the innate desire to compete, and I think that more people will find satisfaction in competing in digital worlds than in meatspace.

Content Creation & Community

Playing around with various tools to create digital content is something I’m fascinated with, and starting a Youtube channel is a way for me to continue exploring this interest.

I want to spend my life creating and putting things out in the world, and any hobby that lets me hone this skill is time well spent in my opinion.

Although my videos are quite basic right now, I can’t wait to play around with various tools to add cool effects and graphics, capture better quality audio and video, and make hilarious edits like this.

A large part of gaming is bonding with the community. From an anthropological perspective, I love diving into various communities and discovering their particular vocabulary and sense of humour.

I appreciate when community members post funny gameplay, make guides to help new players, and post feedback and suggestions for developers. All of this helps benefit the game and community at large.

I want to give back to the community in any small way I can, and my channel is a way to do that.

Jobs & The Future of Work

Video games provide an incredible entrepreneurial opportunity for people who love gaming and are motivated enough to put in the work to master a game, create great content, and build a community.

Don’t believe me?

Read this Twitter thread:

It’s hilarious how something most people consider a waste of time is turning into an extremely lucrative and exciting career.

If I had the cash and the connections and could choose between buying a traditional sports franchise/team or an eSports team, I quite honestly would choose the eSports venture.

Compared to traditional sports, the entire eSports genre is a much younger industry, and there is way more opportunity to build cool shit. People are trying to build the Barcelona/(your favourite team) of eSports right now.

The analogy isn’t 100%, but incredible eSport businesses will be built. When I see what Nadeshot, Jackson Dahl, and Blake Robbins are building at 100 Thieves, I get excited.

Closing Thoughts

I’ve gone back and forth between continuing to play on PS4 and joining the PC master race. However, I think I’ll end up sticking to PS4 for a few reasons:

  • The majority of my friends are on PS4. Network effects are very real.
  • I’ve invested time in getting good at controller based games. The learning curve isn’t insignificant and I’m simply too lazy to get great at keyboard and mouse.
  • Building a quality gaming PC would be an investment and quite honestly, I’m too cheap. Those pesky crypto people are really jacking up the price of building a rig!! 😉

This is still very new to me, and I have so much to figure out and learn. I can’t wait to experiment with streaming, playing and recording other games, and making and posting content through various mediums/channels.

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