Why SkipTheDishes


After taking some time to enjoy graduating from university, I’m happy to announce that I’m joining SkiptheDishes as a UX Designer.

I’ve had the privilege of working at Skip as a customer success specialist when I was still in school, and it’s a great feeling to return to the company in a product role and officially start my career.

I cannot wait for Monday morning to come, and I want to quickly share why.

Using Bits to Move Atoms

The first wave of technology companies were predominately focused on the world of bits.

There’s now a new wave of technology companies (SkiptheDishes, Uber, Airbnb) that are disrupting how atoms get moved and allocated through software.

The world of atoms is messy. You have to deal with things like human error, weather, and traffic conditions.

Whether it’s moving a sushi burrito, a steak sandwich, or a bottle of wine, the challenge of efficiently delivering items from point A to point B at scale fascinates me.

Building and Optimizing a Marketplace

SkiptheDishes is a three-sided marketplace where the needs and goals of restaurants, couriers, and customers must be balanced to ensure the best experience for all stakeholders involved.

Couriers want to have access to well paying flexible work.

Restaurants want to utilize their kitchen at max capacity and reach new customers.

Customers want access to a wide variety of fast and affordable delivery options.

Ensuring that each side of the marketplace is achieving their desired goals and contributing to the overall health of the network is an interesting and challenging problem set.

Objects Vs. Functions

In the old world, people predominantly owned objects. In the new world, these objects are being abstracted away and turned into functions that people can access whenever they need.

The most obvious example is transportation. In the old world, most people owned a car (an object). In the new world, people are hiring Uber drivers (a function).

In the old world, people would buy all of the various ingredients to make dinner (objects). In the new world, people are hiring on-demand food delivery services to deliver their meal (functions).

In the old world, restaurants hired, trained, and managed delivery drivers (objects). In the new world, restaurants access the courier network and hire independent couriers (functions).

This trend has presented new and exciting business models and user experiences.

I’m undoubtedly a SkiptheDishes power user, and I’m excited to help make a great product even better.

Thank you to everyone who helped me get to where I am today (you know who you are). It’s a wonderful feeling to start my career at such an incredible company right here in the Prairies! 🇨🇦

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