Why Winnipeg Wants Uber

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Uber is changing how people get around. The company is on a mission to make transportation more accessible and affordable.

When I visited San Fransisco, my Uber pool was cheaper than a bus ride. The user experience of an uber is above and beyond a public bus or traditional cab.

Winnipeggers have been asking the government to allow Uber entry into Winnipeg for years. It’s clear we want ride sharing in our city, here’s why:

  1. Reliability & Convenience

We’ve all experienced it. Having to call our local taxi company multiple times, then waiting an unreasonable amount of time for our taxi to arrive. Or how about our driver proclaiming that he only takes cash, then when firmly stating you only have debit/credit, their machine magically repairs itself. The experience of taking a local taxi is rarely a pleasant one.

Uber’s mission is “to make transportation as reliable as running water”. The Uber team is obsessed with delivering an amazing experience. On top of having your driver arrive quickly, you know you’ll have a pleasant ride since the driver is incentivized to be as polite and friendly as possible, via the rating system.

Quick, cheap, and enjoyable rides. This is usually the exact opposite of what we get with our local cab companies. Winnipeggers deserve better.

2. Safety

Quick and affordable rides are nice, but safety must be the top priority. The amount of incidents reported by women taking local cabs is disturbing and unacceptable. Stories like these shouldn’t exist:

When women are afraid to take cabs alone because they’re concerned about their safety, it’s clear there’s a serious problem.

Uber has numerous features that are designed to keep riders safe. Riders have the ability to share their ETA with family and friends so that they can follow their ride and know when to expect them. In case of an emergency, there is a rapid response team ready to come to the rider’s aid.

It’s time that Winnipeggers have access to a transportation service that values safety as a top priority.

3. Embracing the future

Winnipeggers feel like we’re missing out. There’s clearly a more superior way of getting around, and yet we don’t have access to it. It’s neither fair nor practical. Denying your city access to a great service because of politics (sorry but it’s true) is a dangerous game to play.

Winnipeg needs to embrace the future. You’d have to either be ignorant or have some vested interest to deny that ridesharing services like Uber will play a major role in the future of transportation.

It’s been almost 8 years since Uber was founded, and Winnipeg has yet to embrace it. What will happen when self driving cars come to market? How long will it take before Winnipeg adopts them?

If Winnipeg wants to play a role in the future, it needs to welcome technological disruption and adapt to it rather than fight it. Winnipeggers want the best service possible, and it’s time they get it.

If you want to see Uber come to Winnipeg, sign the petition:

Or read the taxicab report conducted by MNP:

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