Week 6 linking Rhino geometry with Rhynamo and assigning family types in dynamo
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The resolution in the videos is not great and it’s hard to understand how you are getting your result. Please supplement with hand drawn logic flow diagrams, screenshots of important node combinations with captions.

In the walls example how are you pairing levels, wall types and curves ? Will your graph work if they are different?

Similar questions to be answered for floors.

As for worksharing the model, there is more to consider when organising worksets. The model has to be divided in such a way that users aren’t working in the same areas concurrently. As such an example of worksets in a model are Structure, Facade, Building A, Building B, Linked Models etc.

Worksets can be loaded and unloaded to improve performance.

Worksets can be switched off in certain views.

Your example shows your local files on the same screen. As it is unlikely that everyone will be working on your computer where/how will you store your Central model?

It is highly unlikely that you’ll have 20+ users. One of the BIM teams’ goals is to get data into and out of the model that is relevant to different stakeholders. The AR team may only need floor plans and sections from you or a 3D model in Max friendly format.

Please consider all of this as you progress your research.

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