(or you’ll end up working with Google, Facebook, Sony, Nestle, etc, etc)

Build your own dreams…

Or someone else will hire you to build theirs.

Perhaps you’ve seen this phrase across your social networks (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram), and maybe, even in some of those annoying Whatsapp groups -trust me, you get tired of the beep beep at some point-.

Well, is kinda cool that people (or at least my circle of acquaintances) think they need to build something, anything, but to avoid the horrible path that means to work with someone else, anyone else. Yes, that’s exactly what this phrase implies: You do something or else you’ll be an employee, and that’s not cool.

Last time I checked, big companies, great startups, are build by a bunch of people, they need employees, and employees are what actually keep those companies and those startups running. Some people feel good working and collaborating with others, who had ideas and dreams that, today, entertain millions (or make them procrastinate for hours), change lives or are making our world a better place. People. That’s the key.

If you are an entrepreneur, building your own dream, why would you like to post something like that? Aren’t you discouraging potential designers, developers, or any other professional or person who may like to join you in that dream and build it with you? Don’t you think is stupid to tell people that they are wrong if they choose to work with you instead of pursuing their own plans?

We need to stop putting pressure in the fact that EVERYBODY needs to startup, we need to stop the “I’m better cause I founded a startup” attitude, you are not that special, or like my friend Damien said: we all are special, And yes, at our own, every human being is special and has something to share with the world, it doesn’t matter if he or she works for a big company, a small company, if it’s their own or others, we need all these people, the ones who grow our food, the ones who feed us in millions of fast food chains, the ones who deliver us that food, the ones who clean around our houses, offices, the ones that make sure you are satisfied when you buy online, the ones that build the things you enjoy everyday (from a website to furniture), the barista who prepares your white chocolate mocha Frappuccino blended with java chips and a dash of peppermint daily, the writers, the cinema directors so we can have a laugh or a cry from time to time, the ones that fix our broken things (from computers to bathrooms), people whose dreams are helping others to build their dreams because they do believe in that, and actually to work in a startup (not being the founder) means you share the dream or else, you’re in the wrong place. There’s a long list that probably won’t fit in here, but, you get the point. Don’t you?

Indeed, having a profession or job and create a startup are not mutually exclusive, and yes, you can do X and at the same time build your Y, but it’s not mandatory. You can be a great developer and still would like to pursue a career within a company (or companies) instead of develop the next social network; being a locksmith and still like to work with a big stablished company instead of opening your own business. And that’s ok. I’m getting tired to hear a lot of people saying someone is conformist and stupid for not starting their own thing. Big news, is not your goddamn business. Let people do whatever they feel good doing.

Our generation is emphasising that we need to stand out, that we need to come up with a billion dollar idea, that we need to be the next Zuckerberg or Dorsey or Musk. And guess what? All of those guys have thousands of employees, all those employees are building A dream who might happen to be theirs too and are convinced they can actually give their experience and knowledge to make it possible. Because the dream gets bigger the more people share it.

I’ve been in both sides and in the end, is about what makes you happy.

Or maybe, we’ll end up with a million startups of one, because, hey, everybody keeps telling: “BUILD YOUR OWN DREAMS…”

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