Based on the information in this post, your diabetes costs a significant amount per month to treat…
Memphis Blues

I don’t know… I’m from Canada, my sister has type 1 diabetes, she’s completely insured, and her insurance company even granted her wish when she asked if they could help her get an insulin pump to better fit her busy lifestyle (read: they didn’t pay for the whole thing, but they helped for a good percentage of the price). Before you say anything about how she landed herself with this pre-existing condition (lol it’s her own damn fault!), if anything I should be the one with diabetes based on my health, and yet the thin granola eater got stuck with a virus that killed her pancreas.

Pretty sure the insurers up here aren’t bankrupt; in fact, insurance companies are doing swell in crazy everyone-gets-insurance-land. In fact, even if you’re laid off and can’t afford private health care, the federal health care system (Medicare) kicks in and isn’t too shabby either.

By the way, no one ever freaking complains to her face that she costs too much to them. Doesn’t even cross their minds. ‘Scuse me, but that’s rude, selfish and heartless.

It blows my mind that you guys are considered the #1 first-world country, THE place to be, yadda yadda, and yet people like you are fighting tooth and nail to deny people the help they need to stay alive and healthy. You’d rather people die than get a chance to live a little-lot longer.

Incredible. And selfish.