Unfortunately life isnt fair.
Kyle Krieg

Your argument is a little shallow.

Just like people who have proven to be unsafe drivers pay more in auto insurance, it isnt unreasonable to have to pay more for health insurance if you will be using services more often.

Unsafe drivers are derelict and dangerous to other people’s lives. Healthcare users are people who want to stay alive. And people with pre-existing conditions had no say in whether they’d be sick or not.

What the hell. One is not like the other, and if you see them as such, then I’m sorry, but that’s the problem in your country.

I’m Canadian, and as much as our Medicare has its hiccups, honestly the only thing people complain about up here is the wait (some people often go to the hospital for a simple cold, which is a waste of others’ time). Going to the doctor and the dentist every year isn’t a financial headache; most of us just go, because we (all) can.