Method Flaws

Sociologists use multiple methods to study society and social behavior. Over the years their research has lead us to great findings that have help us have a better understanding of who we are, and why we do things. That being said not one specific method can be perfect and nor can it have 100 percent accuracy. I will be going over the a few of the flaws in a few of the in some most popular and current research methods.

The Surveys Method has an advantage of having the a very large pool of respondents with have little pressure due to time restraints. The disadvantage is that unless the survey is completely anonymous, like an online or mail in survey, your answers may be distorted(dishonest). Other disadvantages include volunteer bias and, interviewer bias.

The Observation Method requires direct observation of subjects’ reaction in a natural or laboratory setting. One flaw volunteers may not be a good representative of the general public. Results may have distortion if subjects are aware of observation. It is found the best results occur in a natural setting instead of a laboratory. However, sometimes the laboratory is the only option to acquire certain research data.

The Correlation Method is used to determine if a relationship exists between the two variables. For example it would probably be safe to say there would like be a sizable correlation of people who own Microsoft Office, and own a computer. But some correlations are not so obvious, and this brings us to flaw in correlation method. The flaw is that the method does not explain why the variables relate only and that a correlation exists regardless of any extraneous circumstances.