Car dealership: general strategies of sales growth.

What is a car dealership?

Nowadays car dealerships are very popular and profitable. However, very often it takes a lot of time and efforts for businessmen to develop this business. It all starts with detecting the best location for it — the place should be busy, but it shouldn’t be located in the very center of a city. It should be convenient for potential customers to get there. Then the building itself should be constructed correctly. It is important to have enough space. Also technical equipment, computers and other appropriate tools should help sales to grow. Software, such as a time tracker, also helps to be aware of proceeding business processes.

Effective work of divisions. Using of a time tracker

Usually a car dealership consists of several divisions:

- A showroom

- Offices

- A car service

The main part of a dealership is a showroom. And front people, the “face” of a dealership are its sales managers. The work of sales managers can be easily and effectively monitored by a time tracker. Such time trackers like CrocoTime can help CEO to know how every employee works and how the working time is spent. Thanks to a time tracker it becomes obvious what activities are effective and which are not and what really helps to make sales grow.

A time tracker is also necessary for office workers. Very often more attention is paid on the work of sales managers but the effectiveness of office workers is also very important. Departments involved in records management also need a time tracker in order to optimize their work and to speed it.

Finally, it would be very convenient to integrate the software of a car service with a time tracker. Employees will not have to keep any records or keep the information on work activities in their heads. Everything can be seen in a time tracker. Every employee will be able to see the working progress and to be aware of bonuses available for them.

A car dealership is usually a company with a lot of employees. And it can be really difficult to follow how everyone works, how much time an employee spends on working with customers, how long it takes to fill forms or other documentation, and how many work items are done for some period of time. This kind of business is profitable but very complicated and many things depend on human factor.

It is well known that car dealerships are more profitable when they are located by groups. For example, three showrooms of different car make are located next to each other. It is very convenient for customers to choose an appropriate car when they don’t have to move around a city. They just walk around between the groups of different showrooms. It is not a secret that very often the owner of such dealerships is the same. It is hard even to imagine how difficult it would be to control all the employees of such a triangle and how to motivate the staff properly. But modern technologies can help a businessman to provide the growth of sales by making business processes more effective.