1. I’m supportive and forgiving of everyone in the world no matter how cold they are
  2. No saying lol
  3. Every relationship is mutually supportive and forgiving, content doesn’t define either recipient and would never do cancel culture with anyone
  4. everyone in my life gets the support they want and forgiveness they need, whatever emotional gearchanges are needed, however they would prefer to be perceived, I expect vice versa in relation to my criteria along with productivity, and not letting anyone put us in a box, or say that it’s not possible to succeed in the Same industry/game with my superior archetype that incorporates the functioning of the person who accused me lool what a talking point
  5. online content deserves love, interest, appreciation and needs to be focused
  6. need to be niched, all conversation and relationships revolve around mfl, law, networking, music, piano and maths
  7. i fulfill the archetypes of George h, dan, adem, network, nicola, al. In terms of my subjects, otherwise theres no point, I’m represented by their archetypes, their preferences which echo all of my preferences, theres 100% overlap.
  8. All of my relationships deserve my love, oversight, critique, and belittling everyone for not being Oxbridge material and mental h support. If my significant other tries to implicitly impose these obligations on me and set that dynamic instead of mutually addressing our obligations to eachother from an objective standpoint that craves empathy, context, optics etc , I’m not in the mood, the roles in our relationship are student to why we like eachother, mutual friends, introductions, memories, ideas for potential, all conversation deriving around academic substance otherwise my time is being wasted. respect the desire to respect and tweak eachothers obligations then that can be done contextually instead of saying random shit
  9. we all love a good meme
  10. movies
  11. date night, roomies etc
  12. explain and teach academic concepts to eachother, musical concepts, networking criteria for experience
  13. skills orientated
  14. 100% factual, fuck lieing, my academic competence is low, i know of people, i have smart friends, i use social media slightly, i have some complications
  15. my self perception has to derive from my factual understanding, and my networking.
  16. judgements: I’m zero, nothing.
  17. opinions: none, open minded, I’m confident in myself but that confidence is placed in my judgement to improve myself and learn
  18. Education is key
  19. prediction: preplanned networking, a*aa, kcl, 20 y/o, Dubai, nyc
  20. relationships that conform to my predictions and covertly improve me
  21. ms paint
  22. insights
  23. lack of conclusive positions
  24. male/female garments
  25. faith
  26. reddit/data/social dynamics/facts/bell curve/conjecture/gaslighting
  27. no bias; effort to remove bias
  28. audiovisual expectations in the context of services, skills, networking, building perception.
  29. reputation amongst necessary and perceptive parties
  30. how I’m perceived is the same way yasmin, ethan, Aditya and al are perceived, were all perceived the same way.
  31. Farhan perceiving me in that way and all the other people like her was good tbh, good sign
  32. everyone being perceived like me perceiving me as they did
  33. lol did i accidentally cuck everyone, so their girls perceive me as better then the guys whilst the guys perceive me as the man
  34. ysc perception of me, she stayed, she reacted like I said she did, it was surreal
  35. roses perception of me, surreal
  36. emaan ditto
  37. cucking the ucl guy lool whoops
  38. i hate that word i use it ironically lmao I’m not an adherent to online culture
  39. at purcell everyone perceived me as the shit including teachers
  40. wbgs ditto
  41. nathan h, anyone else who were out of line w my nascot w Purcell wbgs uni flourishing narrative were bent over a barrel by me lool
  42. enlightenment is key
  43. gym
  44. perception is the point of life, we perceive certain unis as better, characteristics, it forges the emotional trust for sexual relationships, reputation is good, money is a manifestation of interpersonal trust, reputation, perception, bitches love perception, it’s that simple, that’s why drake is loved, that’s why incels and any other strange roach needs to kill themselves imo as should retards imo and btec warriors (or sterilisation)
  45. girls perceive guys as the one bc of insta, high grades, gym, life goals, characteristics.
  46. i made loads of those guys perceive me as the shit so de facto i get the girl lol
  47. i perceive uni as lower then me, everyone’s trying to get in, girls and freshmen womenn get attracted to me again
  48. abundant ig
  49. linkedin
  50. nicolas anecdotes and yasmin being magnetically attracted to me, my competition, most likely coocked lool
  51. rose: winggirl
  52. perception of your perception of my preparation is hilarious, your reactions to me are funny humiliation is key
  53. the overall goal is being perceived well so I win
  54. improving with girls (self critique)
  55. logistics are fucked, ysc + more perceive that as useful to them
  56. insta: i use it semi ironically
  57. university
  58. my place/hers
  59. my bike
  60. at uni parties, yes I can dj but I’m not dosage , I’m a respectableee pianist
  61. still my place
  62. it’s about motivating her
  63. she has to perceive all of this, all of my past etc as good and vice versa otherwise no point
  64. obviously in my relationships mutual support, leveraging instagram to boost self perception, perception etc is a useful model for some people
  65. i would get people to perceive on it, troll, i use it, have a large account etc i get it
  66. spotify
  67. music that girls like yep
  68. guys on the one hand its the desire model af i cokkkckily everyone lol
  69. on the other hand, networking, etc
  70. Oxbridge alumni, shivaike, calm
  71. people hijacking perception by using instagram and being btec, whilst I use Instagram, properly, ironically, am ucl, rcm, troll on Instagram from twitter, hide twitter shenags, girl anecdotes, humility, perception made overt etc so I’m running a far more sophisticated model
  72. critiquing my behavioural model is hilarious
  73. ysc perception of my use of perception
  74. 1% of global students perception
  75. alphaaa ysc perception
  76. perceiving perception as #1, my model as #2, my education as #3, my content as #4, how i leverage Instagram as #5 and how others also leverage Instagram as #6
  77. fortnums
  78. kno the real meaning
  79. mark z
  80. dopamine ltd
  81. worldwide companies
  82. love
  83. jamming
  84. music
  85. the perceptions of my wbgs uni purcell friends, as it relates to my model, I’m the leader
  86. thinejan
  87. condoms
  88. education as it relates to perception
  89. matthew paris
  90. 2/3 gap years
  91. kcl ucl etc
  92. a*aa , my education, perceived as good
  93. qcf 3/4 perceived as good .
  94. failure / perceived as good
  95. girls, uni, communications, everyone, student union, lil Wayne, my taste, content, purcell, wbgs, the perceptive truth, SoundCloud, past content, ethan lester, new people, old people, endless people, networking, success, failure, sank perception, gapy, age, events, fake age fetish, fetishes not lies, parties, potential, projects, output of everyone, bipolar; all perceived as success
  96. working for my a*aa, medical examination, gym, gp, kcl, ucl, Warwick, ucas , fortnums, job, money, improving my body etc ; not good or bad, it’s work, it’s augmenting my perception, education doesn’t exist without perception.

Deeply Deeply Sarcastic