The Robot Alternate Universe Where Everyone Watches Friends Alone

Here’s the story.

it’s an all-robot society with one rule: no friends allowed

everyone works alone

lives alone

goes home alone

and watches the sitcom Friends alone

This one robot, the main character, works in a robot building factory, and it has to bring this part over to another robot. They start talking about Friends the tv show

which is kind of dangerous, if they become friends they’ll be terminated

and the main robot says to the other robot, ‘want to make friends?’

and the other robot pauses, contemplating the horrors that could befall them, and then says, ‘yes! let’s remake friends!’

so they recreate all of the characters as cyborgs.

it’s super gross. they’re all wires and guts and blood everywhere

and when they first try and turn chandler on he’s just in horrible pain, screaming and saying ‘turn it off! turn me off!’

after that though things kind of work

and they just film them as they live out all of the episodes

but then, chandler starts to remember…

he has these dreams of what is going to happen

and then they DO happen

at first everyone thinks it’s a prank, but then he keeps being right about these things he couldn’t possibly predict

around the end of season 3 they all start to believe that chandler is able to see the future, and yet

they can’t change anything

everything he says will happen, does happen

he predicts the end of the show and they all grind inevitably towards it

the show ends

it was the friends reunion episode

everyone in america is completely shocked

all of it. even the shit with the robots.