Contact Lenses for Special Effects

David Parham
Mar 5, 2018 · 2 min read

Whether a high school is putting on a play, a non-profit raises funds with a circus presentation, or a show opens in the Sydney Opera House, fun contact lenses can enhance the level of special effects. Non-prescription lenses are available in many different colors, styles, and patterns. Cat and dragon eyes are bright and stunning so even people in the back row will notice them. That drunken character looks the part with bloodshot eye contacts.

Many Options

There are superhero eyes, bright colors, lightning bolts, and even the Australian flag are included in the contact lenses in Australia. If nothing suits the needs or the idea in the head of the director, custom crazy contacts can be ordered. There is a place on the website that lets customers upload a picture or drawing of what is desired. Since the lenses are non-prescription costs are low so the whole cast can wear them if necessary.

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Wear Lengths

Contact lenses are designed to last one day, one week, one month, or three months so any production schedule is accommodated. A limited run scheduled? No problem, simply order two week buy contact lenses online. Lenses can be re-used as long as they are cleaned in a recommended solution ad kept moist. The important aspect to keep in mind when adding contacts to a production or presentation is that they begin to break down once they have expired.

What Happens?

Contact lenses are made of plastic that has pores to retain moisture and let the eyes breathe. Germs, calcium deposits, and protein accumulates and causes blurry vision, irritation, or infection. In severe cases, the continued use of old lenses results in vision impairments or blindness. This is definitely not worth the risks. If lenses are found in wardrobe and no one knows the expiration date, or how long those have been there, throw them out.

Who Can Wear Them

Contact lenses are easy to place into the eyes and extremely comfortable. Wearers of prescription lenses comment that they forget they have lenses in at all. Anyone who is willing to try them ca wear the lenses. Once the contacts have been worn by an actor they cannot be worn by anyone else, no matter how well they are cleaned.

Cross contamination is inevitable because the mucus membrane covering the eye is a bodily fluid. That means colds, bacteria, and communicable diseases are passed onto another person. Again, not worth the risk. Cray contacts can also be worn by individuals merely as a form of self-expression. Have fun, create any effect desired, and stand out from the crowd.

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