5.11 Writing Leads 3

Faculty in Plane Crash

Five people were killed in a crash take off at Kennedy International Airport. There were Forty-five passengers and crew members aboard. Associate.professor of rural Sociology, John Dumont and assoc. professor of English George Johnson both, from Backwater State University, were returning Thursday night from separate conferences in New York City and were aboard the TWA jet. They both escaped safety without injuries.

Meeman Speaks

Winner of the Pulitzer prize and Author of My Life as Far as it Goes, Norman Meeman, spoke at 4:30 p.m. in room 111 of the William Oxley Thomson Memorial Library on Sunday. An audience of 67, mostly English students gathered. “ You can’t be a great writer by imitating the styles of prize-winning authors. You’ve got to get out and sample life, learn how other people live, and then let your inner feelings pour out. These parodies they assign in college English courses are a bunch of hogwash.” Meeman said.

Professor Wins Award.

The Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge held a ceremony for its annual George Washington Honor Medal winners in Pennsylvania on Saturday. Among the 32 winners a professor of horticulture, Clement Crabtree was cited for his essay titled “ Plan for Peace” in which he urged distribution of free packets of red, white and blue flower seeds in foreign nations.

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