Notes 4–13–16

Sound Cloud: Broadcast 4 Cs, Dramatic Unity

Broadcast — writing for the ear- foundation for writing

Correctness- Accuracy above all else. It is a must for every area of media.

Seeking the truth is what God wants us to do. It is a mandate.

Clarity- Audience needs to understand what you are saying the first time, clear, precise language, exact word that you mean to invoke the emotion. Use simple sentences. Key: Know what you are talking about. Know the information and facts. Grasp of what you are speaking to

Conciseness.- In broadcast you write to fill a certain amount of time, because phrasing words that need to be tight. Simplify and condense, bring main idea to one sentence. Avoid the passive tense.

Color- illustrate the picture. Color in the writing, look for personality, look for the people to tell the story. People bring a lot of color.

Completed circle- format, we don't want an audience to tune out. Make it work, make sense, write in a unified fashion. Inverted pyramid do not work.

Speak about 3 words per section. Helps structure of story

How do we order? Dramatic Unity- most common structure begins with climax has cause and effect at the end. Climax — point of the story. It grabs peoples attention. Pg 150–151 book- example

Ending to the story- the effect, personalize so audience will stay engaged.

Broadcast style has a different structure.


We want to use Simple sentences,Subject verb objects, Simple sentences are best for clarity, and directness.

Avoid clauses and phrases that interrupt. Look to put titles before names.

Personalize where ever you can. Spell out symbols. No periods or commas, just slash marks. — help to be read.

Ages and names. 76-year-old, John Smith killed on Wards Road.

Phonetic spelling- pronouns- use them sparingly

Numbers: Translate approx. Over 5 million etc.

1–12 — spell out.

13- Above- Numerals

In broadcasting writing, it is for a smaller audience, the audience doesn't see the words.

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