Alexis Khazzam

How Millennials Engage in Philanthropy

Some people argue that Millennials are a lazy generation, but when it comes to philanthropic giving, the statistics would argue otherwise. While 72% of Baby Boomers give to charity and 59% of Generation X does the same, 84% of Millennials give to charitable organizations

Millennials are always connected

Millenials live in both a physical and a digital world. Some would argue that they spend more time in the digital realm. When it comes to philanthropy, this is actually a positive trait. Why? They are constantly connected. Both to the issues and to means of giving. Millennials expect things to move quickly. They donate via text message or through a website and enjoy the instant gratification of the transaction.

Millenials Make their Giving Public

Millennials are avid users of social media, and they bring a social media sensibility to their charitable giving. Their online identities express who they are and what they care about. They want to share the causes they care about with friends and colleagues. Because of the transparency of their giving, Millenials are more likely to give when they know they can show the results on social media.

Millennials Appreciate Personal Stories

In addition to tangible results, stories resonate deeply with Millennials. “Authenticity” matters deeply to millenials when it comes to their charitable giving. They want to know the stories of those they’re helping. They truly care about the details of the lives they are hoping to change. Marketers have capitalized on this by creating videos using actual people telling their stories, among other personalized tactics. You can build a specific house in Haiti through the New Story, or sponsor this individual child in Kenya through the Compassion Project.

While millennials may be engaging differently than other generations, there is no question that they are engaging with philanthropy. They are constantly connected to the issues and ways of giving, they make that giving public by sharing it on their social medias and they appreciate personal stories.

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