What is executive presence and why do you need it? A buzzword in the business world lately, executive presence is the ability to command the attention of a room. Executive presence is a blending of temperament, competencies, and skills that, when combined, send all the right signals. There are several traits that professionals with strong executive presence display.

Command Attention

An person who has executive presence has the ability to command the attention of a room. How does one do so? Be deliberate. For inspiration, watch a movie like The Wolf of Wall Street. There you will watch leaders who know how to be notable. You should always know your message before you try to present it to people, so practice at home in the mirror.

Dress the Part

Depending on the office or workplace you are in, different attires are dictated. You need to know the culture. Keep your wardrobe updated with clean, well-coordinated clothing. It should be classic, but not out of date. Avoid over-accessorizing at work as it can be seen as unprofessional.


People with an executive presence have the ability to connect to others. They engage others while they’re communicating with them. In order to do so, you need to understand your communication style and the challenges it may present. It is also important to be able to read and adapt to the communication styles of others, so you can best connect with them.


An executive presence comes with composure. These people keep a steady emotion, no matter what the situation is. The ability to control your emotions, recognize emotion in others and manage both is critical to having an executive presence.

In an effort to create and maintain your executive presence, there are several key traits to master. People who exude executive presence command attention, dress the part, have the ability to connect and know how to keep their composure in the face of adversity or challenges.

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