The Beauty of Walking in the City

Having grown up in the suburbs of Chicago, I had no idea that a world without cars even existed. Headed to school? Drive. Dashing to the store? Drive. Running to the gym? Drive.

I was perfectly content living my life in my car. I knew that I would arrive at my destinations on time, without being exhausted or sweaty or frozen. So what changed for me? I moved to Milwaukee for college and realized that life within the city exists without vehicles.

My first wave of shock came during orientation, when the sky decided to hit me with a rain. I wasn’t prepared to walk in the rain, I didn’t have boots or a coat or even an umbrella! All of that soon changed.

After my freshman year, I bought a parka to brave the cold Wisconsin winters. I started wearing hats and investing in sturdy boots. I no longer dressed for appearance but for endurance. I didn’t care how cute the dress was, if I was going to freeze to death on the way to class it just wasn’t worth it.

With all the walking I began to do, I started to appreciate the small, yet wonderful, beauty that exists in the city. Things you would miss driving in a car…

The Little Things that Make You Laugh

Only in Wisconsin would someone confess their love of cheese on a pole

Art Tucked Away in Every Corner

Street art in the process of being drawn during Bastille Days this summer
This beautiful statue exists just outside the Helfaer Theater on Marquette’s Campus, I discovered it while stealing some shade under a giant tree.
In the summertime the streets of Milwaukee’s Third Ward explode with art displays

Amazing River walks, Bridges and Staircases

This artsy staircase lives right near the river walk in the Third Ward
In Minneapolis, the beauty of the Mississippi’s rushing water hits you as you walk across Stone Arch Bridge
And so does the wind! Stone Arch Bridge is a popular biking/walking path for Minnesotans

And Stories You Can Tell for A Lifetime

I was walking back from class, completely oblivious that I was walking through a proposal!

The lighted jars led up to an open area, where a table for two and small orchestra were set up. And waiting there, a man was standing with a ring and a question to ask.

Everyone walking past stopped to wait and see when his guest would be arriving. Our small audience started to grow in excitement when we saw her walking down the path.

The man got down on one knee and… well you know the rest. This is the second proposal I have seen walking down the streets of Milwaukee.

She said yes! And the audience of pedestrians cheered.

So go to the city. And walk more. At the end of the day, your feet and your mind will thank you.

Millennium Park has a small fountain flowing through it, where people make wishes and cool off from the sun


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