We recently had David Luecke in our virtual studio to live-code a new version of feathers-batch! If you’re interested in seeing a bit behind the scenes, follow us on YouTube and read more about the specifics on the latest version of feathers-batch in the latest article from the FeathersJS blog here: read more

Originally published at https://aquil.io on October 5, 2020.

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We have designed a number of t-shirts for FeathersJS, available in our new store. At Aquil.io, we use Feathers on a daily basis. This is a choice we evaluate at the start of every project we onboard. Feathers has consistently enhanced our ability to deliver quality software with greater efficiency. The swag store is one aspect of an avenue where we strive to give back and keep the community thriving.

All profits, which is the remainder from the cost of the item plus our cost of design (and the store itself), are donated to the Feathers project for future development. A more important takeaway, than purchasing a t-shirt, is to donate to open source projects you use, if you can. Convince your company, managers, or peers to donate if they can. Contribute to docs, submit bugs or patches, or advocate. …

Screenshot of feathersresources.dev
Screenshot of feathersresources.dev

As any JavaScript framework community grows, it becomes difficult to navigate which avenues developers have to look for solutions to problems they have encountered. FeathersJS has continually been at the forefront of JavaScript discussions since its inception, as illustrated in the annual State of JS survey. We created FeathersJS Resources as a hub, or rather a starting point, to assist people in the Feathers community find what they may be searching for.

There are many resource lists available, however, we noticed a lacking of curated examples. Our goal with this list is to provide an up-to-date account of which libraries are maintained, projects are active, and examples of FeathersJS in the wild. …


Alexis Abril

CEO and developer at Aquil.io, writing software and riding the open road.

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