1. NHRK Mandala

When I first saw the art piece it immediately brought me to think about breakfast foods which were pancakes with syrup and butter, eggs and even spaghetti with so much cheese on top. Unfortunately I was wrong with what I was thinking about the piece for the reason that it is the artist’s interpretation of a mandala which means circle and according from a source it represents a wholeness a cosmic diagram reminding us of our relation to infinity, extending beyond and within our bodies and minds.

2. Monument — Cesar Legaspi

The art piece was about stones being combined together and it was made to be a monument well in the first place, the art piece reminded me of. Stonehenge which is in the United Kingdom for it has a similarity with its structure.

During the early ages, people had this religion called “animism” from the Latin word anima which means breath, spirit and life wherein they used to praise or believe in plants or any nature related thing.

3. Ang Matanda Sa Bintana — Jess Flores

From that print it made me thought of myself 65 years from now that I am gonna be contented rather satisfied with everything that I’ve done with my life, as I will just start to think about the best moments that I’ve had in the past and be happy on where I am for that time. Nevertheless, from my opinion the artist tries to give us a message about the senior citizens out there who are feeling depressed or sad the fact that some of them are departed from their loved ones well, we should give them importance by caring and loving them because we would not know when they’ll leave us.

4. Mariveles — Fernando Zobel

The first thing that came to my mind when I saw it was the beauty of the moon during the night, as it stand outs with the clouds above the sky which serves as our source of light during the night. Well, I think that the artist is trying to convey marveles in general, that it is one of the special places rather hidden gems in our country from that picture with the mountains along the water accompanied by the moon makes everything perfect.

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