4 of the Worst Housewife`s Cleaning Nightmares and Their Solutions

We all have that one cleaning issue which annoys us so much, that we keep postponing it for months. Maybe you’ll find your cleaning solution in the following lines.

1. If Your Coffeemaker…

…works slower than the usual, maybe it is high time to use our good old fellow, the white vinegar. The most common reason for that is the hard minerals, which cause blockages. How to deal with this? Prepare equal parts of white vinegar and water. Fill the chamber with the mixture. Insert a paper filter into the empty basket next, put the empty carafe in place. When it is halfway brewed, turn it off. Leave the liquid inside for thirty minutes and turn it on again. Let it brew this time and throw the water. A new paper filter is needed, then repeat the procedure, this time brewing only the water. Let’s hope no blockage is stubborn enough to deal with this method.

2. Disinfect the Kitchen Sponge

Did you know sponges usually contain more bacteria than your toilet seat? Yes, the thought that eating in your toilet is a safer idea than in the kitchen is a little stressful. The reason for this? Well, when was the last time you cleaned your kitchen sponge? Can’t remember? Me neither. This is why the hygiene of the kitchen itself is of high importance. After all, this is the place where you prepare(and in some cases eat) your food. i bet you don’t want it to be chock full of germs. To kill these little sickness-causing creatures simply dip it into bleach(it kills 99% of the bacteria). Five minutes must be enough.

3. Microwave Issues

Can’t get rid of the unpleasant odours coming straight from your microwave? No worries, call Mr. Lemon. He exists not only to make little babies cry while eating him, but in favour of the housewives(who, let’s hope, are not desperate). Cut one in half, put it in a suitable for the occasion bowl and cook on high for three minutes. This must soften the foods in the microwave and in addition will freshen up the air. Note that microwave cleaning and oven cleaning are very different. If the case is severe, you better call expert oven cleaners.

4. Remove the Repulsive Bin Smell

Baking soda will be useful here, again. Take the bins outside and let them dry(if the bottoms are wet for some reason) and then scrub them with the baking soda. This will eliminate any repugnant odours.

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