Loving sunsets

Sunset on the way back from Laguna Cejar, San Pedro de Atacama

I really love sunsets. I’ve loved them even before I’ve gone on my backpacking trip, but I didn’t realize how much until now. I don’t get up early enough for sunrises but sunsets can be enjoyed almost every day.

In Europe the theme of my travel was chasing beauty — noticing it everywhere, seeing it in the unconventional. Here in South America, while beauty can be found, the theme of my travel seem to be more of life itself. Mostly raw, unadulterated nature in its unforgiving form and landscape, making life a much more precious force that manages to survive. The little frog in the giant Amazon forest, the exhilarating sand buggys in the dunes, the pink flamingos in the cold lagoons and green bushes or cactus in the desert. All of that life to be found in a continent so vast and wild, and all of that made possible with the sun.

Side note: If there’s one word that comes to mind for the desert and salt plains, it would be unforgiving. The landscape was just so harsh, so beautiful, and so breathtaking, because of that. Mountains were high, plains were endless, rocks and sand everywhere.

I love sunsets because they are nature’s way of putting up a glorious, free 30 minutes show, if we’ll just look and appreciate. Of course this show is not on every evening, for clouds and haze could obstruct it, but you’ll be guaranteed that while the formula is the same, the show is always unique. I love how the colours blaze across the sky as the sun dips into the horizon and the atmosphere takes on a mysterious dusky shroud, and the clouds take on different colours like cloth dyed with a watercolour palette. The blues turn to purple, the orange and yellows with hints of red. Sometimes I think I could paint a watercolour just like a sunset, but some days I just marvel at how the colours and shapes come together so naturally. All this, for everyone to see, no matter rich or poor, happy or sad.

I have resolved to see more sunsets. Even when I go home. To remember what I love about being on the road, and to remember that everyone could be seeing a different sunset, but always the same sun, no matter where they are.

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