I Love New York.

It’s the official slogan of the state and has endured for 43 years. Originally devised in 1977 to boost tourism, “I Love New York” is also the reinvigorated slogan that united a city — and a country — as we moved forward past a gruesome act of terror in 2001. It’s the slogan that made New Yorkers across the state proud to be residents of this unique corner of the earth. And it’s the slogan that embraces the inherent resilience of this state’s loyal citizens.

I love New York patriotism — Liberal pride
I love New York patriotism — Liberal pride

I remember it vividly. My Spanish teacher rushed into the classroom…

The COVID-19 pandemic is surging ahead full force, serving as a moral litmus test for humans across the globe. Unfortunately, far too many people are failing that test. And perhaps no group of people are looking more immoral during this time than the influencers we’ve made famous.

Never is that more apparent than in the downfall of fashion and lifestyle influencer Arielle Charnas. Charnas, widely known as a hypochondriac by her throngs of once-loyal followers, secured a COVID-19 test while her city — one of the hardest-hit spots in the world — experienced a shortage. Charnas, when initially describing her…

I’ve grappled back and forth about whether or not I should share my story. After all, there is undoubtedly information overload across the globe right now, and I surely don’t want to contribute to anyone’s added stress, fear, or misery. However, today marks exactly four weeks of total quarantine, and I figure it’s time to shine a light on my experience contracting the novel coronavirus.

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It started a little over a month ago. My husband is an avid reader of the news, and he’d proactively keep me posted about COVID-19 updates. It was imminent that the virus was going to…

On Saturday, May 19, 2018, my dear friend bit into a Twix bar, only to find a disgusting dime inside his favorite treat. Not only is that utterly disgusting, but it poses a number of quality control concerns and health questions.

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  • Mars Incorporated, the company that owns Twix, clearly has quality control standards that are inconsistent and/or not met.
  • This is evident in that fact that production line personnel who are working in factories are allowed to have coins and other foreign objects out on the floor where food products are produced.

Yet, in a 2016 interview with a CBS…

Who will be the notable figures as future generations open textbooks — or digital versions of such — and learn about Black History Month?

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Credit: WOBL Radio

That is a question I asked myself, as I thought about our evolving world and the figureheads who work to change it. There are an incredible amount of POC activists, many of whom are making tangible and intellectual imprints on our society. And when it comes to which figureheads might become the subject of future Black History Month awareness, there were a few people in particular who came to mind (in no particular order).

Deray McKesson

By now, we’ve all heard of the zeitgeist that is HQ trivia, and how it has largely been the cultural phenomenon across generations so far in 2018.

Like many of the one million+ folks that join in each day to play the live trivia game, I enjoy the convergence of classic, timeless game show with the digital format that allows us to play in real time. …

I think we can all agree that the idea of ‘Lady Doritos’ is effing stupid. I mean, why do women need a special spinoff of traditional Doritos that is specifically for their “delicate sensibilities” and desire to remain to residue-free? It sounds ridiculous — which is why the Internet responded so passionately to the concept — but in all actuality the concept is a lot less asinine than we are acknowledging.

Let’s face it: we assign genders to many of our consumables.

Razors. Body wash. Deodorant. Alcohol. Legitimately anything that we can market as both masculine and feminine — while independent of one another and generating revenue across horizontal product line…

In the world of cryptocurrency, I’m both a newbie and an oldie. I’m a newbie in the sense that investors much more seasoned than I have been in this industry for years. I’m an oldie in the sense that cryptocurrency is still in the Wild West phase, and those of us taking the plunge now are largely considered early adopters.

Naturally, as someone who has invested in crypto, I have feelings about Facebook’s ban on ads for cryptocurrency.

Facebook’s explanation for the ban is rife with hypocrisy

Here is Facebook’s statement on the ban:

Ads must not promote financial products and services that are frequently associated with misleading or…

Any true Bravo fan can relate to the excitement of hearing the Housewives’ new taglines at the beginning of each season.

How cliche will they be?

Which one will be the most clever?

Who will be throwing shade in their opening remarks?


I wish that this same excitement transferred over to new seasons of Vanderpump Rules. Don’t get me wrong: there is plenty to look forward to each season. (I mean, have you seen this dumpster fire of a season?) But some snarky taglines would surely be the icing on the cake. …

Eric Garner died on July 17, 2014, after police officers apprehended him on suspicion of selling cigarettes without tax stamps. After Garner stated that he wasn’t selling cigarettes, police officers went on to arrest him with brutal force. The result? Eric Garner was put in a chokehold for nearly 20 seconds, despite him repeatedly saying, “I can’t breathe.” In fact, he said it 11 times.

Garner then lost consciousness as the officers in question waited seven minutes for an ambulance to arrive. When the EMTs arrived, they neglected to perform CPR on Garner on the basis that he was believed…

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