I believe in the power of words.

I write, share, and speak the things I do because I have purpose — to bring about more compassion and empathy in this world.

I believe in the power of words, empathy, and compassion to shape reality.

Ideas cannot die.

They shape reality forever.

Looking towards purpose

Ideas move us towards either fear or love.

Love is transformational — it has the power to change every aspect of life by inspiring growth, wholeness, and actualization of our best selves.

Fear brings about destruction, despair, and stagnation. It encourages chaos and the worst of humanity.

As content creators and sharers, we have a responsibility. We need to be intentional about our creation and sharing — about the ideas we focus on, driving our communities towards. We have a direct impact on our socio-cultural narrative. We can intentionally choose to change our human story. The more focus on affirming ideas, the more compassion and empathy will be present in the world. The more writers and readers focus on such things, the closer we will come to realizing our human community.

It won’t happen over night. It’s not the kind of thing one person can do, but even the smallest movements can bring about change. So I set this idea out, into the realm of ideas, in an effort to find others who believe, who will encourage this movement.

That is my goal.

I would love you to join me.

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