Friends for Life: Hearts for the Holidays

Friends for life is a non-profit organization at the Univeristy of Florida that works hard to make a difference in children’s lives. They hold events and sponsor various programs throughout the semester to help pediatric cancer patients. One of the fall projects Friends for Life works on is called, “Hearts for the Holidays.” This is a card making campaign for children who will be in the hospital during the holiday season. Last year, Friends for Life made a total of 1,142 cards, reached 32 states, and sent cards out to 35 hospitals!! Isn’t that awesome?? This years goal is to reach children in all 50 states, but they can’t do it alone. That’s why we need your help! Hearts for the Holidays is currently going on now so if you are interested in making cards for kids let me know! You could also contact the president of the club, Lindsay Santacroce, if you have any other questions about Friends for Life. There is no limit on how many cards you can make, just a couple of simple rules to stick to.

  1. Only sign your first name NOT your first and last (you may also sign it Univeristy of Florida or any other institution/organization you are involved with)
  2. Don’t be holiday specific or bring up religion. Stick to Happy Holidays.
  3. Please don’t remind the kids that they are sick. Stay clear from “Get better soon” or anything along the lines of that.

Thank you all so much for helping bring a little extra joy to these children on the holidays!!

Lindsay Santacroce contant information:

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