The Hub City; In Other Words, Texas Tech

It may seem strange for a day to be beautiful and sunny, to gloomy and pouring rain the next, but Lubbock, Texas can sure make that happen. The weather is probably the most interesting thing about Lubbock. Even though you can’t count on what the next day is going to feel like, you will at least know that nothing too insane will happen. The city is filled with at least 240,00 people. Although it is a pretty big city, it was like living in a small town. Everyone knew each other and you pretty much stayed friends, or at least went to school with the same people you grew up with. Growing up, there wasn’t too much to explore, unless you were going to the movies, or shopping. Now, they are finally catching up to other big cities like Dallas, San Antonio, etc. Of course, it hasn’t completely caught up, but we have more things to do other than shop and watch a movie. Usually when I tell people I’m from Lubbock they say, “Oh, Texas Tech,” then they follow up with “Why didn’t you go to school over there?” Of course I had Tech in mind, but in all honesty, it was never my first choice because even though I love my home, I knew I could move and explore different things for myself. Some say that it’s a city with bad sandstorms, cowboys that ride horses or tractors, and the only attraction or main thing about it, is Tech. Once you get to know the place you will see that its actually nothing like that, and although Tech is a huge part of Lubbock, there are many other great aspects about it. Buddy Holly, who was a famous singer, actually lived and grew up in Lubbock. I can’t say we have things other big cities have, but its definitely a place you can call home and make memories from. You may find yourself waiting to see someone driving a tractor on the road, or even waiting to experience the terrible sandstorm, but I should let you know, you will be waiting a long time for that to happen.

Just as anyone would picture it, flat, brown and not much to look at. Much of Lubbock is exactly like this, especially if you decide to make a drive all the way over here. It may not have hills, mountains, or tall buildings, but it’s always been a place I found myself coming back to; I call it home.
Yes, it snows here every once in a while, but it doesn’t stay like this for long. It looks beautiful in the beginning, and most people think it will stay like that for weeks. After about a day, maybe even two, the snow picks up the dirt, which makes look ugly, then the sun will come up and make the snow slushy.
Tech may have not been my first choice, but it’s a beautiful campus. My family practically raised me to one day become a Red Raider, and that’s how most parents raised their children, because it was close to home and a good school. Almost all my friends went to school there. When people ask why I didn’t go to school here, it’s not because it wasn’t a good school, but because I felt like I was already part of it.
This photo was taken Friday afternoon in downtown Lubbock. Growing up, this area was filled with restaurants, arcades, and it even had a little movie theatre. Now, much of downtown is filled with old buildings that are not used anymore. They recently replaced one of the buildings and put a display of classic cars. Texas Tech is also located a couple blocks from downtown. Another main part of this area is called the Depot District, which consist of bars, and clubs. The Depot is a huge part of Lubbock because that’s pretty much where all the college students, or anyone who lives in Lubbock go.
This photo was also taken Friday afternoon. This is a view from one side of the downtown area. It’s definitely not New York, or even close to San Antonio, but it’s actually not that bad of a view. I feel that Lubbock is unique in its own way and that is what makes it such a wonderful place to be in. Overall, its a good place to live in, not too big, or too small. Every city has its perks and even though people may not see many here, I believe it’s one of the greatest.
This is the Buddy Holly Center that’s located in the the Depot. The gallery is shaped like a guitar. It consists of many things like his songbook, letters from fans and label records, stage clothing, records, and much more. Buddy Holly isn’t the only person it features. It also includes the house of J.I. Allison and art galleries that have featured Shirley Crow, James Clinich and many more. (
This is the view from The Roof, which is a mini bar on top of the parking garage. Most of the time, especially if you are under age, people will go up to the top and just hang out. This is probably the best view of Lubbock, especially at night. I’m sure about a quarter of my summer was spent here, because it was a place to hang out, meet new people, have fun, or possibly get in some trouble.
This picture means a lot of things to me. I am made in Lubbock. I went through struggles, made memories, found love, had heartaches, made friends, and even enemies. Lubbock is my home and it made me the person I am today. This place means many things to many people, but to me, it’s so much more than that.

Although I’m sure many people would love to be anywhere else but Lubbock, this city has so much to offer. It may not be much to some people, but for me it’s always a great place to be. I guarantee you that if were to meet anyone here, they would be the sweetest person ever and you wouldn’t feel so alone. Lubbock may seem like a “too good of a town with only religious wanna-bes” to some people, but it’s definitely not like that. Even though you can find a church on almost every corner of every street, that doesn’t mean that it’s a town full of religious people. Tech is also not the only good thing about Lubbock like most people would think. It’s been a journey getting to experience the changes that have taken place, or even the things that have been here for decades. When I was younger, I would always say things like “I hate this place,” and “I can’t wait to leave,” but growing up, I realized how much I love being here and how much it’s given me. Lubbock is not the greatest city in the world, and it may not be an ideal place for someone, but to almost anyone I know who grew up here, they would tell you that Lubbock is a home and will forever be one they come back to.

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