The 1k Project uses the network of trusted connections to directly match families impacted by the pandemic to sponsors committed to giving them $1k a month for 3 months.

The $1k Project

Here are 3 specific ways you can get involved and help today:

  1. Nominate a family: Whether or not you are able to donate, the most powerful way to get involved is to nominate a family in need. Can you think of one family around you who needs help? Please nominate them. Can’t think of one? Please post on your social and ask your network for help.
  2. Sponsor a family directly: If…


2048 Ventures’ managing director explains the nuts and bolts of raising venture capital for your startup

Photo: Maskot via Getty Images

Best Business Blogs is a Marker column that scours the web for the most interesting posts on business, entrepreneurship, and product development. This post by 2048 VenturesAlex Iskold originally appeared on his blog.

I’ve written many posts on my blog talking about how to raise a seed round.

The main characteristic of most seed rounds is that they are based on the strength of the founding team, and, a lot of times, the CEO’s ability to present a compelling vision of the future for investors.

While sometimes seed companies have traction, a lot of times they do not, and…

We just came back from one of our best family vacations yet. 8 days in New England during summer were a magical mix of nature, food, art and sight seeing. Here is what we did:

Day 1: Drive to Vermont

We drove up north, and on the way stopped at Saratoga Springs for dinner. We’ve not been there before and were pleasantly surprised by this town. We had dinner at Max London’s, which we found through Foursquare. The food was good, especially pizzas. The best one was, surprisingly, their plain Margherita.

Quick piece of trivia: Margherita pizza was named after Queen of Italy with the…

1. Ran 5 miles around Seattle

I love running whenever I travel. Running and walking around is the best way to explore. I woke up at 6 am and did some running around Seattle, while listening to the Baby Driver soundtrack.

We just came back from an amazing week long trip to Italy with kids. We enjoyed great weather — it was 50–60 degrees in December, great scenery and of course delicious food.

Since I am a massive travel nerd, and we have seven people traveling, I planned everything down to a minute. It took quite a bit of time to prepare for the trip, but it was definitely worth it. Huge thanks to Joanne Wilson who gave me pointers and linked me to her post about trip to Rome.

We booked Airbnb, on via Panisperna, next to Colosseum, found an…

Image credit: Emanuel Tanjala

“Forgive me my nonsense as I also forgive the nonsense of those who think they talk sense.” — Robert Frost

Death isn’t the saddest or most humiliating part of human condition. We ultimately grasp it as a part of the cycle of life. An intellectual mind sees death as a simple and elegant solution to an optimization problem of innovation and constrained space.

As horrible as death is, it isn’t nearly as bad as aging. This gradual, annual humiliating decay and loss of vitality of our bodies and minds is truly the saddest thing about being human today.

The process…

Alex Iskold

4x Founder. Engineer. Immigrant. Mostly Vegan. Managing Partner Co-Founder Writer

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