What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger…

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Whether it’s psychological, paranormal, or just plain creepy, these short horror stories are bound to make you scream as you turn the pages. Hold on tight…as you turn on every light…because it’s going to be a very long night…

Just remember…What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger…

What is this collection, and why does it need to be read?

This EBook presents the reader with moments of their past; both good and bad…terrifying and joyous. The terrifying can be seen throughout, and then there is a calmer, more peaceful, joyous story about a young child and his toy boat.

The book makes you as a reader experience emotions you know you can all relate to (Fear, happiness, worry, sadness, pure joy).

This is a brave book. It takes those steps other authors are afraid to take due to the fear of dislike and rejection.

What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger… is powerful, yet enjoyable.

Why is What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger… unique?

There are many out there, admit it or not, that have an irrational fear of something. They worry about something. Many are at their breaking point. Many think that they are crazy. BUT you know what? Those feelings are natural; and you aren’t the only person that feels that way, I promise.

This book is different because the pieces in it are something that many would call unexpected. As mentioned above, my goal was to step outside a comfort zone that many writers find themselves in. Many write and don’t publish, or they don’t write on a topic at all because they are scared. What if the book doesn’t make it? What if no one reads it? What if it isn’t good enough? I played around a bit with words and rethought the idea a countless number of times. However, I think in the end it paid off with a well put together product; and I hope that you as the reader feels the same.

Carefully pieced together: This was in no way, shape, or form a book that was thrown together overnight. It grew a tiny bit more with each approaching day.

Images: While many authors include images, it can be said that the images throughout allow the book to “pop”. They truly shine throughout the pages adding character to the book and delight to every readers’ eye.

Why this book is free and will remain free…

As a reader myself, i feel that it is important to have the ability, if you choose, to widen your horizons. I do not believe that there should be any sort of limitation standing between any reader and potential enjoyment. Although, I cannot speak for every writer, as free is not always the case. That’s okay, though. to each his own when it comes to the freedom of sharing with an audience. What doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger… is free and always will be.

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Photo Credits: eyefeather-stock — Sleeping Baby, used in EPUB

xtianjago — To the Beach — Used in EPUB

frizzymissizzy — Tea With the Monster, Used in EPUB

DelilahMohnbluete — Sad Duck, Used in EPUB

All of the images above came from Deviant Art.

The other images, which were used in the EPUB, were given to me prior to this project and nameless.

However, the artist behind those images is Jim Heminger.