I Talked to the Alt-Right So You Don’t Have to
Emily Pothast

A very good friend who is a Jewish SJW and BLM activist sent me a text the other day regarding this group Patriot Prayer that I didn’t even know how to begin to respond to.. this article here helps me to start unraveling all of this, But still I’d love to get some feedback. Especially how to respond to assertions that Patriot Prayer has many members that are POC… and that it is unfair to label them Nazis.

“If you read about Patriot Prayer it sounds like a Christian conservative group that preaches love who have attracted white supremacists in the past but don’t stand for it. The leader is Japanese. So why is sf waging such a resistance against them? Are we confusing them with the kkk and neo nazis that were in Charlottesville? Don’t we look stupid? They aren’t the same”

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