March Madness 2017: Formats league tournament not easy, but necessary

Monmouth’s dreams got thrashed in the MAAC Tournament and the Hawks dominated the conference during the regular-season play, but they were stunned in the league stages of the tournament. The Hawk’s are not making the NCAA tournament this year either because of the performance. This happened with other teams as well due to the overall format of the tournament as the performance of the entire tournament can be vanished in 40 mins. March seems to be a big month for basketball and the decision makers are deciding to give champion teams a chance to play in NCAA tournament. There are several suggestions coming up including automatic selection and double-elimination scenarios. The decision makers are deciding that sending the big teams to the leagues are important for the NCAA tournament. They should be some types of rewards for teams like Monmouths and Belmonts because of their overall performance (Fagan). These ideas can lead towards better scenarios and momentum for upcoming seasons. Money seems to be a priority of the leagues and people have to develop a proper mix of money with basketball to attain favorable results. #DrWeaver17