Nike introduces ‘Pro Hijab’ line for Muslim athletes

Nike through the Pro Hijab line would cater the needs of female Muslim athletes. Nike marketed this product through an advertisement that featured Parkour Trainer Amal Mourad, Jordanian boxer Arifa Bseis, and certain other athletes. Female Muslim athletes are happy with this product and some of them cannot even believe that it is happening. This is certainly a viable move by Nike by adding a Pro Hijab in their product line. Nike continues to focus on diversifying their products with the launch of Pro Hijab. This product is developed with mesh like material for the optimal functionality of this product (Harris). It was added in the product line to cater the needs of various athletes and this would enhance their performance too. It is expected to release in spring 2018 and it is launched because different athletes were telling the organization through different platforms that they want this product. #DrWeaver17

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