Signing day a big deal, but not everything, for Big Ten

The Penn State announced a certain class that included a quarter back who was associated with Vanderbilt. The Nittany Lions signed Micheal O`Connor in the same class. However, Trace McSorley is certainly regarded as the team’s top-rated passer. He was also named as the MVP because of his performances in the Big Ten Championship. McSorley also led the Nittany Lions over Wisconsin and managed other proactive games in the season. The signings in the championships are important that can make or break any team. Signings like Ezekiel Elliot and Joey Bosa proved to be vital for their respective teams. The current signings of the Ohio state class can also be compared with the 2013 class because of the signing and performances in the future. The aggressive recruiters in the league are Harbaugh, Urban Meyer and James Franklin. The Big Ten would continue to be one of the toughest divisions in the history of college football. There cannot be a substitute for talent, but it is impossible to win a title with the help of aggressive and proactive hiring of players (Bennett). #DrWeaver17