Texas under Tom Herman: Winners eat steak, losers eat hot dogs

Tom Herman the coach of New Texas designed a hierarchy that would appeal to the players stomach. The team gathered on Monday night for a team dinner under their new coach Herman for the championship dinner. The staff associated with Herman’s divided the players into three different groups. These distinctions were the gold guys, green guys and the troublemakers. The gold guys manage things quite well, green guys are moving towards the gold status. However, troublemakers go through the crimson group. Naashon hughes and P.J Locke believes that their gold status earned them a glorious feats through their performances. They can enjoy ribs, chicken, dessert, etc. The winners experience steaks, shrimps, cheesecakes and pastas. However, losers experience things like burnt burgers, hot dogs and other related aspects. The gold guys and the high performers not only get such benefits, but they also get good gears as compared to others (Olson). Crimson is a tough category for players where they have to survive while playing for this club. #DrWeaver17

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