The latest NBA team to land a jersey sponsorship

The Boston Celtics are the latest NBA team to land a jersey sponsorship. General Electric and its decision makers have decided to place their logo on Boston Celtics jerseys in the next season. In the latest NBA season, Celtics would enjoy a jersey sponsorship this season. It’s a part of a comprehensive sponsorship deal that through which GE would place their logos on Boston Celtics jerseys. Celtics are the third team in this scenario of jersey sponsorship and they are the third team to get jersey sponsorship this season. The other two team associated with jersey sponsorship this season are Philadelphia 76ers and Sacramento Kings. These two teams have successfully managed sponsorship scenarios on their respective jerseys. Stubhub and Blue Diamond Almonds have sponsored Kings in the next season through jersey sponsorships. GE is planning to develop their headquarters in the region of Boston, and sponsoring the local side might be their strategic policy. The public cannot view the terms of contract currently, but this would benefit GE in the longer-run. This might result in a win-win situation for both the parties and it is expected that both the parties would benefit through this deal of sponsorship. #DrWeaver17

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