The WWE counterparts of 25 current NBA stars

Linking WWE wrestlers and NBA superstars would be an interesting act. There are certain counterparts of NBA stars in the WWE that are listed below:

1. LeBron James-John Cena

The performance and king related attributes link both the superstars with each other.

2. Paul Pierce- The Undertaker

The legends look similar in their qualities and their overall approach to their games.

3. Joel Embiid — Finn Balor

They both waited so long for their respective debuts and the people loved their performance.

4. JaVale McGee- James Ellsworth

Both the players are laughingstocks and are regarded as low-key genius.

5. Carmelo Anthony –Roman Reigns

Superstars in their own sphere and a gigantic media prolife to makes things work for them.

6. Austin Rivers –Curtis Axel

These two players are excellent performers are hard workers within their given situations.

7. Kevin Durant- Seth Rollins

Sidelined by major injuries, but they are regarded as the best in the business.

8. Boban Marjanovic- The Big Show

Gigantic size relates the two players.

9. Anthony Davis-Brock Lesnar

Both the players are athletic in their moves.

10. DeMarcus Cousins- Dean Ambrose

They are unhinged with respect to their talent.

11. Isaiah Thomas- Jack Gallagher

People would pay good money to see these superstars.

12. Zach LaVine- Neville

Athletic performers redefining the rules of gravity.

13. Dirk Nowitzki- Chris Jericho

Longevity super stars of the world with respect to their performances.

14. Chris Paul — Dolph Ziggler

They are known for their dirty tricks.

15. Draymond Green- Samoa Joe

They are ones who work for other men and keep their hands clean.

Some of the other stars counterparts are Kevin Lane- Xavier Woods, Kawhi Leonard- AJ Styles, Blake Griffin- Kevin Owens, Dwayne Wade –Goldberg, James Harden –Bray Wyatt, Karl-Anthony Towns- Braun Strowman, Klay Thompson- Sami Zayn, Stephen Curly- Randy Orton, Russell- Nakamura and Kyrie Irving-The Miz. #DrWeaver17

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