USA TODAY Sports freshman of the year: UCLA’s Lonzo Ball

Lonzo Ball runs downhill at 100 miles per hour and this depicts his performance and overall athleticism in the court. The coach claims that he possesses the tendency to dribble and pass the ball in the air. His pace is the biggest asset that gives him an edge over other players. Ball possesses the tendency to pace up the game and slow down and this scenario gives a beneficial stance to the team. He is certainly regarded as the best player in college basketball because of these performances. He possesses certain signature plays that includes and adds various dimensions in his game (Auerbach). Some of the other proactive approach associated with this player is his unselfish attitude to pass the ball and the teammates regard him a lot because of this ability. The coach Bryce Alford believes that he is one of the smartest players on the field. #DrWeaver17

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