5 Ways To Invite In Spring!

Try out these tips to put a little pep in your step and spring in your kitchen.

Oh happy joy!

I saw my first crocus yesterday, which means spring has sprung!

When I first found out we were moving back to Boston from the west coast, I have to admit, I wasn’t exactly thrilled about the idea of bitter cold winters. And, indeed, this winter proved to be just that.

Of course, the first few times it snowed, I lit candles and cozied up and absolutely loved it. A few months in, I found myself cursing at the two feet of ice outside my window and cursed my snow boots.

But, what I had forgotten about growing up in the Northeast, is how incredibly exciting and beautiful the spring time is.

Only when you bear such a harsh winter can you appreciate the slight warmth that spring promises to bring and the feeling of sunshine on your face. Few things in this world make me feel more inner joy.

So! I thought I’d write a post on ways to invite in spring. Without further ado…

1. Fill your home with fresh flowers

Nothing is more beautiful and enjoyable to me in the spring than seeing all the new buds popping up. Why not bring it into your home? It cheers things up, makes your house smell fabulous and reminds you that beauty is all around. I recommend going out and picking some yourself and filling up mason jars, or buying some from a local market.

2. Wear a pop of color

Personally, I am so excited for the weather to warm up because it means I can ditch the leggins and snow boots for awhile. Woohoo! With the snow off the ground and sun shining brightly, I get to pull out the skirts, heels and crop tops. But one of my favorite fashion statements — wearing a brightly colored lipstick. So try a fun blush or lipstick or pull something out of the closet that’s vibrant. I absolutely adore Lime Crime Opaque lipstick in Geradium.

3. Drink hot water with lemon

Spring is the perfect time for cleansing. Why? Well, in Ayurveda, spring is Kapha season which has the quality of damp and heaviness. Makes sense with all the springtime rain and snow melt, right? As is without is the same as within. Like nature, our bodies are trying to shed that extra weight and heaviness we may have accumulated over winter. You can do a light daily clean simply by drinking warm or hot water with lemon first thing in the morning.

4. Go for a long walk

Get your pretty little buns outside! Even if it’s not totally warm out yet, make a point to get out. Go for a long walk, notice the buds forming on the trees, feel the sun in your face, listen to the birds chirp. Most importantly, take a long deep breath. Spring carries this noticeable smell in the air…of the Earth coming alive once again. Take that in, get your body moving and enjoy yourself

I went for a hike with the pups the other day even though I still had to wear my Hunter rain boots.

5. Make a large salad

I love eating seasonally. We are members of an awesome business called Boston Organics. You select what type of box you want (veggies, fruits, a mix) and they drop local, organic produce at your doorstep weekly. All winter we’ve been getting a lot of root veggies. Not complaining, tis the season and I love root veggies. But, if I have another potato I’m going to burst. What’s in season now are the light, fresh, yummy greens like lettuce, kale, peas and swiss chard. So make yourself a nice big salad to lighten things up!

Love and spring-in-your-step,

Alexis Meads

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